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  1. mrshark

    Did you pick up a bargain LG G Pad 8.3 last week?

    any news? :)
  2. mrshark

    Did you pick up a bargain LG G Pad 8.3 last week?

    thanks Paul :) eventually, can they coexist or we risk a mess?
  3. mrshark

    Did you pick up a bargain LG G Pad 8.3 last week?

    better G2 Xposed or G2 TweaksBox? Many prefer the latter, they are so similar... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.ptoti.g2_tweaksbox
  4. mrshark

    Jiayu G2 Review

    good review :) but, can you address the aliexpress link to a "right" device? searched the site and at least 3 phones came up, all with similar headlines, while detailed specs are quite different... dual core MT6575??? or MT6577 but with 5mp camera??? seems all random...
  5. mrshark

    RikoMagic MK802 II Review

    does it recognize ntfs formatted external hard drives?
  6. mrshark

    r2: Legacy Play Store (with all purchased apps visible)

    can't see that icon... can you post a screenshot?
  7. mrshark

    r2: Legacy Play Store (with all purchased apps visible)

    little update... again, 3 updates available, and in legacy store no network connection, while stock one reports them correctly... @PaulOBrien again legacy play store problems... pic.twitter.com/qp7HWmT8 July 28, 2012 @PaulOBrien But with stock play store all Works... pic.twitter.com/YoMxkzC2 July 28, 2012
  8. mrshark

    r2: Legacy Play Store (with all purchased apps visible)

    hi, i've a problem... i'm on stock galaxy note 4.0.4 LRG rom, rooted and CWMed... if i open legacy market V2, it works as expected, except if there is any update available! if the note says there's 1 or more updates, if i open legacy version and go to MY APPS, it says ALL THE TIME: "no network connection", and a RETRY button... but i can navigate in other section, install other apps, etc... only MY APPS is inaccessible until i open the standard play store, do the updates, then if i return to legacy and go to MY APPS, it THEN works... tried many times, every time there's any update MY APPS says NO NETWORK CONNECTION... but THERE IS connection, as i said... solutions?
  9. mrshark

    Does size matter? Spending time with the Galaxy Note.

    which "safe" kernel are you using, and how are you sure it is? ics lpy kernel seems causing problems to many, in case of high I/O, like copying large files, mass app restore or full wipe/factory reset (especially as many are suggesting full wipe after ota update, to have the best performances)... i don't feel so confident, at the moment... chainfire, chasmodo and other valuable xda developers bricked their devices, and not necessarily because of modding...
  10. mrshark

    We have SDK people.

    also a small pdf tutorial: http://developer.sonyericsson.com/wportal/...cc=gb&lc=en
  11. we lost him! :) http://picplz.com/user/paulobrien/pic/g055/
  12. mrshark


    using modaco desire r9, cooked latest sunday, market says it's not available/found... :-(
  13. me too... r9 baked sunday morning, extended controls latest version... apndroid doesn't work, too... when going offline, no way to turn back online, until reboot... tried apn restoring via settings, no way... and i cannot find many softwares on market: just tried latest paul app of the day, PARCEL, and get: no results found for pname:eu.zomtec.android.delivery... idem for call block or mr number: http://www.appbrain.com/app/call-block-unl...rnumber.blocker http://www.appbrain.com/app/mr-number-call...m.skydeck.razor
  14. just cooked a rom, including adfree, spare parts, rom manager, titanium backup... none of them is in the rom, however... 031010-1037-r9-bravo-desire-modacocustomrom-unsigned-MD5-b13a8ec5013f3ee0052bab8d181be86e.zip
  15. mrshark

    [KERNEL] Sub501 Kernel, mods and control apk

    could someone explain the EXACT steps to add these scripts to r8 or r9? i could "cook" a rom, as i've adfree, so i could leave out the old scripts... THEN, which zip i've to add? someone says all of them in order, other says the allinone zip, that not even is present in first page... so what?

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