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  1. cool thanx for your help James I have the update now. thank you :(
  2. Thanks, that was the link I tried and was taken to this web site http://member.htc.com/member/login.aspx I registered, typed in my vario 2 s/n code and am told its not a valid htc product code. Do u think t-moble or htc have removed the link? sean
  3. Hi, i'm new to this forum. I'm having trouble updating my vario 2 to wm6. I would like the official version from t-mobile uk but when I'm taken to the htc website (http://member.htc.com/member/ProductRegistration.aspx) and try to register my mda i get this message: Unable to register your serial number. The serial number you entered is not for an HTC branded product. Register your product today to get free updates, applications and drivers. You can only register HTC-branded devices (e.g. HTC Touch or HTC S620 ) here. If you purchased your device (e.g. T-Mobile Dash or Orange SPV E650) from a mobile operator, please check with your mobile operator if they have their own product registration service. have they removed the update??? Does any body have the t-mobile installer that they could send to me or could u show me a link to get it from plz? I would really apreciate it. thanks Sean :-)
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