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  1. I have finally heard back from HTC on this as of yesterday, below is there response, verbatim. I am hopeful that we get a fix soon, but am still not sure they completely get it. "Thank you for contacting HTC Europe regarding a query about the memory error. This is now a known issue on which we are working to find a solution. At the moment I could suggest you to perform a hard reset and keep aware of what could be causing the problem." Has anyone else heard of anything of found a way to really fix the problem, not just run close apps all the time?
  2. I have had the exact same issue here, HTC has even called me back a few times to suggest that I "return" the phone and they would even help me return it.... It seems they are trying to keep "noisy" people quiet. I have now spoken directly with 3 different support managers in the UK, each time... I get the standard memory fix responses and each time its as if its the first they have heard of it. I also have exchanged emails with at least 3 other different email support people, who also just provide canned responses. If they want people to return these devices, maybe that is exactly what everyone should do... We should return them and post all over the web, DO NOT BUY this device notices.. Until this is fixed. I can tell you that until this past month, I though HTC was a pretty good company, no... I would most definitely go with NOKIA or SAMSUNG, or any other device company that actually has some REAL customer support. The HTC S730 is a HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT!!!!
  3. Still no real response from HTC, other than they are looking into it. It seemed even the one they checked in the UK upon start-up only had 17mb free of memory.. This is really a surprise and too bad... I am starting to look at other devices now.
  4. I have not yet heard back from HTC, it seems that they were surprised by this problem and are just not looking at what the issue is. I am hoping that pressures from all of us will push this to get resolved within days, otherwise I can tell you I am already looking at other devices as this is not a "workable" situation. The countdown for me now is already now, it gets fixed ASAP or this device gets returned shortly...
  5. I have had my S730 for a few days now and have noticed a pretty significant memory issue. It seems that when the device is turned on there is only about 15mb available and with minimal usage there becomes only about 5mb available and then you start to get memory errors when opening new applications. Is anyone else seeing this? Does anyone have a fix? Thanks..
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