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  1. ok heres the link https://hotfile.com/get/174403720/509df8d2/063e7ef/GCJI1-29017.zip
  2. Something wrong, after flashing i cannot connect to any wireless networks....tried hard, it just comes once in a while, but still cannot connect
  3. Its awesome!! Here's what I like: 1) Bigger, Capacitive and amazingly sensitive touch screen 2) Sense runs really smooth!!! with 200 MB RAM at start!!! 3) Never seen windows running so smooth!! (I had Touch Elf/Diamond before samsung Omnia) 4) Android runs flawlessly on it!! am on Froyo 2.2, NAND(Flashable android) boot is expected anytime 5) Android performance benchmark surpasses all android devices till date including GalaxyS and NexusOne 6) Camera, video recording is a lot better and smooth (non-jerky) On the downside, I miss battery backup, TV Out. All in all, Its a very satisfying phone!!
  4. To kill cprog.exe use DotFred's Task Manager p.s: I bought myself a HD2 so am no more working on this...
  5. Can you share amc_text_renderer.ax file, Subtiles dont work on my device at all!!!
  6. Great... looking forward for your findings on this... thanks for supporting this app... its very useful!!!
  7. Finally its out!! Created test package for 6.5.3, please try it out and share the OS version too!! Cheers!!!
  8. Hi GunnarKarlsson, It would be awesome if its possible to simulate smooth scroll (kinetic scrolling) with gsensor !! any thoughts?
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