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  1. The Tapatalk app in landscape has a multi pane view and you can control them independently with two fingers
  2. The Gizmodo review said they had used a 64GB and it worked.
  3. I have got the Nokia 360 bluetooth nfc speaker. It uses nfc to sort of auto pair and then uses bluetooth to stream music. Sound quality is great. Bit expensive though. Review for it is http://www.coolsmartphone.com/2012/05/10/nokia-play-360-speaker-review/
  4. I would be amazed if you ever get this fixed. Rom manager will have attempted to boot into clockworkmod recovery and screwed it up at that stage. If you can't even boot into the stock recovery then there really isn't much you can do. Sorry.
  5. This just sounds like a boot loop. Before you flashed the custom rom did you do the following in clockworkmod? Nandroid backup? Factory reset/wipe? Wipe dalvik? Then flashed the new rom from clockworkmod as well? If you did them all in that order then something was wrong with the zip file or the rom was for the wrong device. I would try and restore your Nandroid backup first via clockworkmod. If that fails or you don't have a backup then download a different rom and try to reflash it.
  6. Hi there I use the wallbase app. Mainly 1080p wallpapers and crop wallpaper from it. It's here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.citc.wallbase
  7. Have a look at the Archos tablets. The latest versions come with ICS. You could probably get the Archos 80 G9 8gb for under £200 and update it. I saw the Archos 101 g9 with ICS instore at hmv last week for £179
  8. Your going to have to read up on fastboot commands. Have you looked into the jtag stuff. It's a little usb connector you can use to debug devices. Again read up lots before you buy it
  9. Your last resort is to either find the correct ruu for your g1 or connect via fastboot on your pc and flash a new rom.
  10. It won't work because your replica htc desire does not have android on it.
  11. Can you get into recovery when you hit power on?
  12. If your phone is a replica it is not a htc phone so all of this is pretty much pointless. Does the "phone" even run android? I have uploaded the apk for root checker basic http://db.tt/9BdkQ6LBhere hopefully you can install it. If the phone doesn't have the market you will need to get the Google apps which will be difficult to install without a custom recovery. As your phone is a replica no such thing will exist. I would personally get my money back and buy an official device.
  13. Blimey. I need more information from you to help then. Did you get it from someone on ebay? Did they install a custom rom for you? Is it running htc sense? Are any of the Google apps present ie gmail, gtalk, youtube, Google maps? It sounds like the person you bought it from wiped the phone and didn't reinstall any of the Google stuff. You will need to work out what rom you are using. Go to menu>settings>about phone Write down this info including android version and rom version. This info will help with the next step.
  14. If the links don't work just go to the market and search for root checker basic. Install it and run it. It will tell you if you are rooted or not.
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