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  1. For i607 it's already done! http://mobile.txcaesar.net/modules.php?nam...nload&cid=2 As far as I know the best release is Ejoya WM6.1 Bogart_Edition_Rev1 ROM, but anyway read carefully.
  2. Well, the people, created the 6.1 ROM, are still working on it. I'm sure there will be WIFI in the final rom version. Thumbs up!
  3. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...9968&page=1
  4. Does anybody have heard or seen anything about such battery? An extended one, but as slim as the original default battery, with wich the handset is ultra slim :) ?? I couldn't find nothing with google, only very extended, but also very fat batteries :D.
  5. Btw Alexander released a new version of his plug-in (0.6), wich supports MicroDVD Subtitle (*.sub)!!!!! Now TCPMP is very close to bsplayer and media player classic!!! Great job by Sorokin!!
  6. Go here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i60x-i60x-mo...sorokin-v-0-52/
  7. Go here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i60x-i60x-mo...sorokin-v-0-52/
  8. subtitle plug-in for TCPMP by Alexander Sorokin v 0.53 Requirements: Windows Mobile device with free TCPMP installed. Overview: The following subtitle plug-in allows using .srt, .ssa, .ass file formats (no more converting to .smi), with the TCPMP 0.71RC. You can check the plug-in homepage for more information and questions to the author Alexander Sorokin, or view the readme.txt in the archive. Tetsed and working on Samsung i600 with TCPMP 0.81RC More Info: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tcpmpsubssubtit/ SUBS053.zip
  9. Nice overview, but wich one of theese works best with performance and memory hungry 3D games? With "Colin McRae Dirt 3D" for example?
  10. How to disable the WILAN power save mode on i600? Is it turned on by default, because there's no poer save options in the wifi settings? Should this improve the network performance?
  11. Bollard are you sure it has a real stereo sound and it works on samsung i600?
  12. Are you sure it's NOT stereo, on the site there's a notice clearly saying that this is a stereo headset :D. I was hoping, that this would be the real stereo 3,5mm adapter for i600 :D. So sad! Anyway thanks and keep on testing!
  13. 1) Find an application called Cool camera and install it, dont' start it. 2) Find an application called cam_test_int in the Windows dorectory and start it, than press any button to close it. 3) Now start the Cool camera app and you should see the front cam image, dont forget to lower the resolution to VGA otherwise when taking pictures the phone crashes.
  14. The only way managing with this for now is typing in notepad coy and past in garmin using VitoCopyPaste
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