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  1. as for a solution the only thing you can do is get a new shadow sry
  2. heres mines i changed the backround and and that top status bar thing
  3. Ran4it2

    Loose Screen??

    well mines can move about a more than an 1/8th of an inches closed. Up is a little tighter but i remember when i first bought it it wasnt as loose as it is now. Its loose enough where people notice when they hold my phone
  4. Ran4it2

    Loose Screen??

    bump please i need to fix it
  5. My screen recently got loose in the up and down positions. Is there anyway I could tighten it?
  6. does anyone know where the AIM program is at?
  7. How do u access the windows directory? i tried through explore mode i cant seem to find it
  8. I need to know how to hard reset without going into the menus. my phone is stuck on the welcome screen so i need to know how to hard reset :(
  9. i got a new battery last night and it did it again is there anyway i could fix this problem is it a program i am running i had omapclock over clocking to 240 and i had that tornado powercontrol program as well any suggestions? is it just the programs or is it because im not giving the battery a full charge b4 using it
  10. Ran4it2

    Faster Music Transfers??

    i just used my card reader which was really fast
  11. Well I got home last night around 1 and was too tired to get my charger out of my car. When I woke up this morning the phone was dead so I turned it on and started charging it with my computer. I transferred a couple songs and played a few while they were playing on the phone shut off and the led turned red. I looked it up in the manual and it said it was a battery fault- battery is not installed or is overdischarged. I tried my ac charger the led turns amber and after about 10 secs the led turns off and stops charging. What could be the problem?
  12. I was trying to transfer music to my shadow by just draging and dropping and each song takes about a min to transfer is there anyway to speed it up??

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