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  1. If I do a Cars theme it will probably be for 6.1....I have upgraded and love the 6.1
  2. Not too hot of an item but I had a request for a new link so....Here ya go Earth_Theme.zip
  3. This game is a battery killer....At least for my Shadow/Juno....(well having the phone on is battery killer for this phone LOL) So I bought a spare HTC battery and carry my usb cable so I can charge it via usb at work.... :D
  4. LOL....I tried. But I set it to read only and now it wont delete.....I :D
  5. I wonder if they give refunds....Ive been trying for half an hour to play the encore "Schools Out" and keep getting outdated file....I transfered to my comp and did read only and back to phone....still nothing. Shouldnt these kind of bugs be fixed before a release.... :D
  6. Just purchased...Not too bad. Kinda fun. Cant believe I dropped 15 bones on a game!!!
  7. Hey thanks....Lakers eh. Hmmm...Maybe a Sonics one...LOL :D I will put that in my to do file...
  8. Hmmm...A girly theme huh. Yeah...I think I can swing that... :D
  9. I did this one for someone here who requested...Let me know what you think. http://www.sendspace.com/file/b3jp4y
  10. Oh that is sweeet....I was contacted earlier abooot that. I will figure out from now on how to do the animated gif ones.
  11. Oh ok....So the Death Star wasnt part of mine. I dont do my faves icons as I have removed my faves and put the clock there.
  12. Everything I make should replace each other...I try to keep it simple like that. Take a screen shot and post it for me.
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