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  1. ordered mine during the week, its already arrived and being used. bought one last year, but this new one seems much faster with brilliant battery life. will unlock and update rom in time.
  2. I have sort of given up on the phone at the moment. It drains the battery in a matter of 4 hours with little use. Bought a battery off Ebay, and it does the same with the new battery. 3g off and data off permanently. Drains so bad that even the clock resets! I have tried charging when off, when on and additional charging if turned off when fully charged. Good phone if the battery would last. I have tried different ROMs, the latest by Cedric of XDA, cracking ROM. Tried underclocking to slowest speed, but still the battery drains. I may have a dud phone.
  3. RavemasterX- I would be surprised. However, my Pulse unlocked fine with an X-Sim device from ebay, I see no reason why a Mini wouldn;t be the same. About four quid IIRC. Obviously you have to cut your sim card but that's easy to do. Does this x-sim unlock the pulse mini? The pulse mini is not mentioned on the website for the x-sim. How much did the x-sim cost you on ebay? Got a link? thanks
  4. Hi I bought this phone for my son and the battery life is really poor. On standby with very little use he is getting about 6 hours!!! This is horrendous, and he has to keep the phone off until he needs to use it. Any tips on improving the battery life? We bought the phone new from Argos in September last year, and the battery which used to last at least 12 hours has got worse. Its never really been that good, 12 hours would have been with hardly any use. WiFi is off, and data off most of the time, but on 2G when used. Any help appreciated, we are still using the original T-mobile rom. Thanks
  5. OK now my sensor seems to work sometimes. I downloaded 2 apps to test the sensors, and on the first app, 'Android sensor data' I initially get INIT for the proximity sensor. It sometimes stays like this, or may change if I tilt the phone to the left (and cause the screen to rotate). Sometimes the sensor will show 'far' and then 'near' when you pass your hand over the 2 blue dots, in which case its working fine. This can be confirmed by making a call and the screen does not going blank when the call is connected when the phone is NOT near your ear/face, ie correct operation. However sometimes the sensor seems to get stuck on the 'near' or 'far' setting on this app, even though it was working correctly just moments before. This happens even when it may be working correctly, and then without moving the phone and just passing your hand over the sensor, the reading will show 'near' and then remain 'near' even when your hand is moved away, without actually touching the phone? Can anyone else please test this app with their phone? Does the sensor always change from 'INIT' to 'near' and 'far'? The other app, 'sensorviewer' has a similar response, although by tilting the phone, it does seem to bring the sensor out of sleep? I am not sure if I have a dodgy phone, or there is a software bug, as the sensor may work and then apparently stick with now actual touching of the phone. I had this problem with the original orange ROM and it has continued in the R3 ROM. Thanks In advance
  6. where is the sensor? I had the thin plastic cover on the phone for the first day,just in case I wanred to return it. But that has now bwen removed. Is there any adjustment of this proximity sensor?
  7. I have a big problem. When I make a call, the screen goes blank as soon as the call is connected. When I finish the call I cant get the screen back on, the phone does not respond. I have to pull the battery. What am I doing wrong? It was like this with the original orange rom, and now with the r3. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Try the Qtek WM5 ROM for the S200 - RUU_Prophet_220734_2207114_024721_QtekWWE_Ship. Everything works as it should and its very fast. Do a search on google.
  9. Youtube has stopped working on my phone. It used to work with the Flash Video Bundle work around, but now it just says that the URL is not found. This is specific to Youtube, as the other sites still work. Has there been any changes that I havent heard about? I havent viewed Youtube for a while on my phone, but it use to work OK. The phone is a HTC Excaliber, WM6. Tried on a SP5 and still no joy. Any help appreciated.
  10. Virgin PAYG are doing 30pence per day for 3g data. Much better reception than 3UK. Fair use policy of 25mb per day, plus it switches down to GPRS when reception is poor.(unlike 3UK).Uses T-mobile network.The sim may work in a dongle.
  11. I using two 3 PAYG sims at the moment. One is in a 3G handset, an O2 Graphite. The other is in my carphone, a 2G handset. This has been working fine, but I got a SMS from 3 about a month ago saying that 'this sim will stop working in this handset after 25th November' (not exactly sure of the date, have to check when back in the car). I got a second text yesterday warning me again that it would stop working. I have not received this text on my other handset, which has 3G. Also if you set the handset to just 3G, you will loose connection most of the time as the coverage is so poor and the handset will not revert to 2G if reception is lost.
  12. I got it working on 2g. Try changing the network setting to http rather than socket on the opera mini settings page.
  13. skanna

    3's coverage

    I live in Fareham and work in Southampton. I get 3G coverage at home albeit poor, but only roaming at work. I dont think you will be able to use the data service on roaming. I certainly cant. The phone indicates that you are connected to Orange, obviously on 2G. If your in London you are ok, but outside the service is really patchy.
  14. what is the expected battery life? 'On a par with other devices' doesnt really tell us much. I have an XDA Graphite, on '3' with 3G, with WM6 and a 416mhz processor. I can kane the whole battery in less than 3 hours if I'm using 3g data. It lasts longer on normal use, couple of call,txts, some Wifi and 3G, but definitely needs charging every evening. It would last 24hrs on light use. My Sp5, with a slower processor, 2G GPRS would last 48hrs+ on similar use. This Atom device sounds very good, but how does its battery life fair? Also I have the uprated 1300mAh battery in the Graphite, albeit from Ebay.
  15. Is this unlimited O2 internet bolt on a 3G service, or GPRS? Thanks
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