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  1. Its petition time! I've created a poll/petition over on www.MSMobileNews.com which I hope to pass on to Orange once the figures make for good reading. There's an article to accompany this too, see here: http://www.msmobilenews.com/orange/orange-...rnet-usage.html
  2. Personally I'd like to think I've always gotten on with you guys, there'll always be room for a community of sites, after all I know I like reading multiple reviews of products when trying to make my decision with regards purchasing a new device/gadget and I'm sure that's the case for most people ;)
  3. I've got to agree and have posted as much, see here: http://www.msmobilenews.com/content/view/1741/1/
  4. You're not the only one!!! http://www.msmobilenews.com/content/view/1707/1/ :D
  5. Surely my spare for having not turned up is kicking around somewhere ::grumble:: :D
  6. Shame as it looks quite good, hopefully they'll get it sorted ASAP. Whilst I'm talking about Wayfinder, have you seen this? Its like Google Earth on your Smartphone!
  7. [teaser]Orange shops are to sell Wayfinder Satellite Navigation, on an inital purchase / subscription based model.
  8. Interesting? MSMobileNews.com A new Pocket PC Phone Edition perhaps? :)
  9. Now you can buy memory cards pre-loaded with great TV shows and films and watch them on your Pocket PC and Smartphone! :) ROK have also announced ROK TV allowing you to watch great shows on your phone too (using a 2.5G connection). Imagine shows like Channel 5's 5th Gear and you'll be thinking along the right lines... Visit the ROK TV website and the ROK Player website for more information. Source - MSMobileNews
  10. Sounds to me like the obvious answer is to hold a Farnborough Airshow/MoDaCo event, that way I can roll out of bed five mins before the event too :(
  11. Orange have informed me that the Orange SPV M600 will hit the shelves in the next couple of days if it is not there already! I'm guessing that this means that if you live near a major Orange retail store then you might be in luck, what's more the phone can be bought for free on certain pay monthly tariffs!
  12. Yup, always a classic, I've done it on a silver and a black C500 without any problems...
  13. For those of you that don't know, Woize is a lot like Skype and now a beta has been released for the Windows Mobile Smartphone and Pocket PC! Offering free calls to other Woize users over WiFi and cheap calls to landlines and mobiles this could be a very good application! ;) Download the beta here. Source: www.MSMobileNews.com
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