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  1. bluffy

    no more updates on the Legend from Paul?

    FYI Lampux, Ali SPAM has created a 'clean' version of 2.1 rom and a very good one. Whether or not he succeeds with Froyo we shall see. But he has already contributed to community. Your contribution is negativity + demonstration of your culture or lack of it. I've reported your posts and suggest others to do the same. Hope you get banned soon. Now call me an idiot #3 or whatever else.
  2. bluffy

    [ROM] Stripped Senseless v1.1

    sounds fantastic, hope you succeed at some point.
  3. Try to wipe from recovery menu, it should fix it.
  4. Thanks for the ROM Indom3! It's pretty good. I'd second request for 2.2 even without Sense UI. Update: after using it for few days it's a very stable and fast rom much better than stock. Thanks again Indom3!
  5. bluffy

    Home Screenshots!

    Dude, many people do this (steal software) but perhaps they don't cry out loud about it or do so at specific forums. This forum is obviously not of this kind so have some respect. There's no need to purposely irritate people if they've got principles that you don't have.
  6. bluffy

    How do I remove HTC from the Legend?

    We are rare species, aren't we? Most users love sense UI. Anyway, there is no way to get rid of it completely until someone produces "clean" Android ROM for Legend. I wonder why HTC wouldn't consider this... They have such ROM anyway, so what would the damage be to make it public. Then it'd be users' choice to use device with sense UI or enjoy pure "Google experience".
  7. I used sprite to transfer my PIM data when upgraded from wm6 to wm6.1 and there was no problem. As per full backup -> restore, I don't advise you to do it: although similar, wm6.1 is still different OS therefore different registry et c. You'll surely get bugs even if you manage to do it.
  8. bluffy

    ABC as default input

    The cab disables xt9 being a default input method. You can still use xt9 after installing it but default mode is going to be ABC.
  9. I've seen few guys around searching for solution to disable xt9 as default input method. Attached CAB is for Touch Dual but works perfectly on Shadow. No need to restart the phone. HTC_Touch_Dual_default_ABC.CAB

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