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  1. What's wrong with Clockworkmod recovery archive? http://android.podtwo.com/recovery.php?device=blade
  2. Can anyone tell me what wrong with Clockworkmod recovery arhive? http://android.podtw...hp?device=blade I always pick up from there latest release but 4 now there is nothing
  3. I think u make mistake Dell (India): XCD35 ro.com.google.gmsversion=2.2_r12 it must be 2.1_r12
  4. RC2 but i get this trouble on whole line from RC1 to Nightly12 (i dosn't try 14 and 15 nightly). No i don't use Titanium backup at all.
  5. So how can i deliver this information to developers? I'm afraid my ugly english will confuse them =[
  6. Well maybe i am wrong so i post screenshot. How can i get that speed on UMTS network? I think something wrong in CM7 for my sorrow. Or i still something don't understand(
  7. I correctly flash ROM. Ok tomorrow i'll do Speed test and screenshot and post here.
  8. Rotmann I understand ur answer but i swear that on RLS in same network and sim-card i have HDSPA mode but on CM7 i have UMTS for know. I can make screenshots but what this will be change? As i read CM7 crew not really care about it for my sorrow(
  9. I'm not sure that i can agree with that. H icon appears only when will be surf and then switch to 3G when it will be inactive. No i definitely can't agree with that. And this can be prove with some tools to define connection speed and Network type. But i need to think twice again... to ponder ur answer... And i need to correct one thing - this be RSL ROM not MDC. Anyway it's not only icon thing but speed. I can try to prove it.
  10. Something is wrong coz on MDC ROM i have working HDSPA if i select WCDMA Only support in Settings and i can see it with H icon in status bar. But on CM7 i cant' do that and see only 3G icon.
  11. Ie it's automatically detect HDSPA accessibility and switch hardware to appropriate mode? But on other ROMs 2.1-2.2 in Settings present necessary switch and displays H icon in status bar. In CM7 i can't see nor Setting nor icon(
  12. Does CM7 will support HDSPA? I can't see it in Settings but 2G/3G only.
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