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  1. OK I have figured it out - it was my work's firewall, which I can do nothing about really. So I have dialled up and was able to download the files then, but I have to say I really don't like the idea of having a firewall disabled while connected to Internet.
  2. I am not sure what the correct procedure is for downloading files. I have tried to search through the help files, but didn’t find anything. I click on the I Agree button, which then produces Click Here to Download From Offsite Link, there isn’t any other links which I can see; when I click on that it comes up with an error You have accessed this file from a link not on this site. Anti-leech is in effect, and you must download the file directly from this site and not from a link found on another site. I have my Norton Personal Firewall disabled when I download the file. Windows firewall is disabled also.
  3. A great idea, but I think its missing the pre-birth section. Fetus -9 to 0 or something.
  4. salavat

    BMW M3


    Features Cab installer Plugins are kept to a minimum, since everyone will have individual requirements for the plugins anyhow Comments My first effort, nevertheless it should keep me happy for a while. Please let me know if anything doesn't work or needs improvement, as I am new to all this.


  5. Just a thought - check you profile settings, maybe you have set the alarm and/or notification sounds to low?
  6. Here is the link: Customizing the Microsoft Smartphone 2002 Home Screen
  7. The destinator appears to have australian site (with australian maps), but I don't think they have software (on the australian site) for the smartphone. - http://destinator.com.au
  8. Maybe it is not available, or I cannot see it, but how do I add my smartphone, so that is can sync from WMP 10? I have Imate Smartphone 2. When the phone is active synced via bluetooth - it does not come up as an available device. I have also tried going into tools and devices, but it doesn't show it there either.
  9. Surely I am not the only one having problems with WMP after installing the new smartphone 2 update - RUUv2.60Inst1.10.15.2_CDL_v1.11.15.32.zip So here is my problem: My Imate Smartphone2 is having problems after I have “upgraded” to the latest ROM - RUUv2.60Inst1.10.15.2_CDL_v1.11.15.32.zip The problem is that the Windows Media Player does not play mp3 files properly anymore. Within 30 minutes the WMP is guarantied to skip and eventually cut out all together. Killing the WMP by using the task manager and restarting it again works, but then it will start skipping again. To me this is not acceptable since I use the phone everyday as the media player. Music files – the files I play are all in mp3 format 192kbps, 4-8MB each. They are stored on 64MB MMC card. The phone – the phone does not have any other software installed. I have done a Hard Reset then upgraded using the file mentioned above from the Club I-mate site, then hard reset again. And here is the reply from the imate support: Dear Sir, Thank you for the enquiry! Regarding the latest ROM version for the Smartphone 2, there have been no such reported issues with the Windows Media Player. However, as a solution, I will suggest you to transfer the audio files (.mp3) from the SD card to your desktop PC and check if the files work fine on the desktop PC. I would also advise you to use mp3 files format with a bit rate of 128 kbps. Then reformat the memory card and after hard resetting the Smartphone 2 (Start> More> More> Accessories> Clear Storage), form a new playlist after transferring the files to the SD/MMC card. If the problem persists or in case of any further issue; please feel free to contact me! Best regards, Srushti Ghisad Technical Operations Engineer i-mate™ from Carrier Devices Office No. 207-213 Building 11 P O Box 500085 Dubai Internet City Dubai, UAE And my question: Did anyone else experience problems with WMP after the update?
  10. This is not the update issue, but the settings in your WMP. In the media player go to Menu-Settings and enable playing in the background. Hope this helps. On the upside the battery life did improve for me (not significantly though).
  11. Sometimes to WMP just shuts down, sometimes it skips, sometimes it skips to the next track, but it does one of the above without a fail within 1/2 hour period (my ride home). It only started happening after the new i-mate smartphone 2 update. I have i-mate smartphone 2 and a 64MB MMC card.
  12. Not sure how and why you are downloading the rar files? The file in the attachment is a cabinet file (.cab extention) after you have downloaded it just save it to the phone (activesync or otherwise) - you do not need to extract, unzip, unrar or do anything else. Then just run the file using your file explorer (on the phone). The phone should recognise the .cab file. Hope this helps
  13. I am trying to complete the theme by adding a few extra screens and maybe sounds at the moment. In the meantime here is your pic resized to the 176x200 - you can upload it to your phone and then choose it as the background. P.S. Thanks for the pic. bmwm3homey.jpg
  14. Don't know about the new update - haven't installed it as yet but I also had the G symbol stay after GPRS activity. However you can make it go away by pressing and holding Home button and then using Disconnect GPRS
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