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  1. Other than being able to get the free App a Day thing, is there any other benefit to signing in to the Amazon App Store? Do they have a range of apps not included in the normal Android Market?
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    Which ROM?

    Thanks for your help, once again :P
  3. Jay3gsm

    Which ROM?

    There was definitely no Voda splash screen, it was a HTC screen, which makes me think it is a generic firmware, the only Voda thing I recall seeing was a Vodafone Scene option, other than that, nothing. Current HBoot is 0.93.0001 I guess if I download a generic GSM Desire RUU and it isn't the right one, it will just refuse to load?
  4. Jay3gsm

    Which ROM?

    I recently changed my Desire to a stock Android ROM, worked well, exactly as I wanted. But now I'm selling the phone, so need to stick it back to the original HTC ROM. Last time I did this all I needed to do was stick the serial number in on the HTC website (resetting a Hero) and it gave me the right ROM. Doesn't seem that easy now. I've found a place to download a HTC ROM, but I'm not sure which I should get. I think this Desire was originally on Voda, although there was absolutely no branding on it, anywhere. The serial number is ht04rpl01184, is there any place that can confirm the correct ROM that anyone here knows of? Tried a Google search, not much joy this time. I'm just wondering if this was a Voda device, will it only take the Voda version, or will the generic Desire ROM work? I'm guessing as it's the official ROM, it needs to be the right version? Many thanks Jay
  5. Just wanted to thank everyone who contributed to the thread, Open Desire is pretty much the kind of look I wanted for my device, it's not as pretty as Sense but then I don't go in for all that fancy stuff, and OpenDesire gives me exactly what I want. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the replies, I'm gonna try OpenDesire, and maybe DeFrost if that doesn't work out for me. Thanks guys :)
  7. I've been looking around for ways to get the Nexus One ROM onto a HTC Desire handset, but all I can find is details for the opposite. I really just want rid of Sense, an to run with the native Android UI where possible. I like the Nexus One menu, but prefer the Desire hardware, like the buttons at the bottom, etc. Can it be done? Any pointers to some info would be much appreciated.
  8. There's an app that sends web links to your phone that works on all Android firmware versions (in my experience with various devices) that also works on multiple browsers, called URL Pusher. One of my favourite apps. You can store a little java applet in the bookmarks bar in the browser, and just click on it, sends the link of the page you are looking at straight to your phone.
  9. I have been using the Hero for a while now, recently updated to 2.1 on the Hero too. The speed difference on the Desire in comparison is amazing, when I update apps in the Android market on the Hero the phone struggles to handle multiple downloads, yet I went through the market and installed a few apps today and the Desire was downloading and installing multiple files way quicker than anything I have experienced on any Android device previously. Truly amazing. Web browsing is also very snappy. Animations are smoother, and overall the whole experience of Android is much improved. I only picked up the Desire this morning, managed to get the last one from my local T-Mob store on an upgrade. Early impressions so far are very positive.
  10. Just picked up a HTC Desire on upgrade, but there are some apps I have on my Hero that I can't find in the market. The most noticeable being Google Earth, I can't find that in the market, via search or via scanning a barcode. I also like the DailyStrip app, but I can't get that by either method. Anyone know why this happens with some apps? Very annoying.
  11. I installed this ROM yesterday after using BeHero for a day or so. Both worked fine for my needs, not experienced any major issue with either. The main thing I did notice is BeHEro left me with 90MB of internal memory, whilst this ROM left me with 145MB of internal memory. I'm not sure what caused such a huge difference in memory, but as I don't mess around with installing apps to SD, this suits me fine. Just one comment about this ROM though, just for feedback, swiping down on the unlock screen doesn't work. Nothing major like I said already, and easily dealt with by pressing the menu button, but thought I'd mention it for feedback.
  12. Good find, I've now got Swype on my phone, and there's no issues with the legality! <_<
  13. As per the title, is it yet possible to do screenshots from an Android device, without rooting first? That seems to be the only solution I can find so far. I find it strange that a simple app isn't yet available. Many thanks.
  14. Things seem to have picked up recently, but I think you are right about the T-Mobile data connection - often I see the out data connection indicating data requesting, but nothing comes in.
  15. I've used a Magic frequently in the past, and the Hero, and I've never experienced major issues with the Android market. However yesterday I got my hands on a Moto Milestone to use for a while, and trying to download apps took ages! I'd choose an app from the market, get confirmation it 'would' be downloaded, but it didn't start straight away. If I went back to the app, it would show 'Starting Download' with the progress bar showing, but nothing downloading. I left the phone on all night, and eventually all but two of the apps had downloaded to the phone during the night. Today I picked up a Magic Sim free on a good deal, and I've noticed a similar issue on the Magic, too. Selecting apps gives me the message it will be downloaded, but hours afterwards I'm still seeing the 'Starting Download' message. There are no notifications in the status bar to show apps are due to be downloaded. Is anyone else experiencing download issues with the Android Market? I'm using T-Mobile UK on both devices.
  16. Not to worry, found it :) App I was looking for is called Newspaper, but is not in the main market.
  17. Hey Paul, Spot on, many thanks. All round, in fact, to all who have posted in this thread, I've learnt a few useful hints. :)
  18. After updating the radio settings on my Hero, I have an ongoing data notification in the status bar, the info just says loading data, please wait. It's been like that for an hour or so now, nothing has happened, I had to reboot to, the icon is still there, doing nothing. Anyone an idea what it could be? Thanks
  19. First of all, I'd like to give a mention of thanks to the guys involved in providing these customisation options, the work is appreciated, and I find a whole new world of handset modifications opening up to me. Good stuff. Anyway, the point of the post; I've 'rooted' my HTC Hero, and updated the Modaco latest ROM. All the instructions I found online were clear enough, but I'm not quite sure about updating the radio? Why does that need to be done? Any links to a step by step to get it done? After the update, I was surprised to see the basic OS on the phone is still 1.5, in my ignorance I had assumed the custom ROM was some kind of update to this? Also, now my handset is 'rooted' will that make unlocking simpler? Or is it already unlocked? (I have the Hero on TMob) Again, thanks to all, once I've finished updating all that's necessary to do on the Hero, I'm off to mess around with the Magic :-)
  20. Heh, two years later, and Jay walks back into the Mobiholics forum.... "Hellooooooo???" Seems a bit empty in here, Jay thinks. Jay starts looking for hidden Locusts..... Wonder where they could be...??!?
  21. Thanks for the replies. I'll pass the info on. Much appreciated.
  22. A friend has recently purchased a HTC Touch Diamond, he wants to stream 1Xtra radio programs. Is it possible? I know little about WinMo devices myself, so can't help. Thanks.
  23. Well, I ordered my card and it is being dispatched today, should be with me tomorrow. Can't fault that. I'm going to be using the card in an N82, another one to add to the compatibility list. And yes, bring on the Spurs. Will be nice to see our kids turn them over in the semi, too :(
  24. Well, you convinced me. I placed my order just now. I hope it gets here before Christmas. :-)
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