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  1. search the forum and download original jh2 rom and flash it using tutorials provided in the forum.. jh2 works great with indian networks.. and its pretty decently fast too..
  2. lololol ! ! thats the last thing anybody should have asked for! ! amazing new heights of noobism!
  3. lololololol!!!!!!! ok i get it... nywayz... u can carry on ... put some of these and some of those!
  4. The latest OFFICIAL Swype beta is rocking! new features added, works smoooooth on the cyanogenmod beta! and its freee!!!!!
  5. to all those who are unable to view mystorage.. before u try any commands, simply try other file explores .. i had the problem too with es file explorer.. but astro, root explorer etc work very fine..
  6. Using the CyanogenMod beta since release, all features updates work as said.. Congrats once again DEVs ! btw.. this thread needs some cleaning and some lazy members need to be warned for unnecessary comments and requests.. Thanks once again! EDIT: To all those who r breaking their heads with mystorage installation and partitions --- Y DONT U BUY A CHEAP SDCARD ??????? The automatic sd installer works like a charm.. A decent 2 gb card will also do!! I'm using a 2gb kingston and it works smoothly ! Try it...
  7. jus my thoughts: can the signal bars and the 3g/2g data icon be more good.. they r ordinary & spoiling the whole techno look of the themes.. thnxx!
  8. lol how do i explain... i mean more sci-fi .. )) in simple terms... the present number is looking ordinary compared to the whole logo.. hope u got me.. )))
  9. exactly! 5th one is cool.. ! the number "2" in the fifth logo .. cud it be more gizmo/techno types.. ? :) thnxx for trying out my suggestion ..
  10. hi.. nice ones.. can u make a logo with all letters of same height.. it'll look more official/neat i guess.. no offense.. just my few cents.. )
  11. hiii... nice ones.. can u make a theme wch has ONLY the black status bar.. no other changes.. and can the bar be more black... ur version its bit greyish...thnx n cheers!
  12. Hello all.. I am trying to install a black status bar but not able to do so.. i tried the file by sgoo but the sys crashes with that i do not want any live wallpapers or any themes.. just need the black bar... any body please help .. thnxx!
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