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  1. Hey nokser, nice to see development with this rom. WiFi now works just fine. German umlauts don't work yet and somehow the keymapping now seems to be wrong. Can't remember having seen that before. A question: Do you know, where I can get just the pda.bin of the i600uxxupdater.exe? It would make testing your roms much easier, because after I flashed yours, I go back to wm5 xxgd1 and from there use i600uxxupdater.exe to go back to xxgg2. If I had the pda.bin, I could just use the WCEDownloader, right? Would be a lot easier and faster. Best regards Jens P.S.: Once you've fixed your "donate"-button (I just get a fatal error), I'll do a small donation.
  2. I just found out, that on i600XXGD1 (WM5) an older version of AIM, that I dug out somewhere seems to run flawlessly (while it doesn't on WM6, AFAIR). I attached this old version here - it doesn't include some functions of the new version (like lifestream, etc.), but if you just want to use IM, it's just as fine as the new version. Best regards 20964_mobileaim.cab
  3. Hey folks, I'm quite unhappy, as I cannot use the official AIM-client (which can be downloaded here: http://wap.aol.com/boxely/mobileaim.cab) I tried the official WM6 (i600UXXGG2), as well as the de-branded WM5-ROM (i600XXGD1), it won't work on both. The installation works fine, even the sign-on sometimes works, but then the software will just crash. Like in Windows ME-times :P Does anyone have the same problem or maybe even a possible solution? Btw: I tried a different provider - no change. And everything else works just as it should (e.g. mobile browsing). Best regards
  4. Hey nokser, good work. Just flashed my phone successfully. Unfortunately I can't get WiFi to work - and not all characters can be displayed (e.g. German Umlauts like ä,ö,ü). By the way: Is there a way to change the system-font? Best regards
  5. Actually it often locks up just while starting. But the back seems to be getting warm quite fast anyway. But no, I don't hear anything loose inside, when I shake the device.
  6. The seller just told me, that the phone behaves like that, since it fell down once. Any chance, this might easily be repaired? Best regards
  7. Well, just ordered a new, cheap akku. That's my last try regarding this phone, although I don't have too much hope, because even if fully charged it doesn't work well. A new error I noticed is, that when the phone crashes during startup, it sometimes won't notice, if it's still plugged into the wall charger (showing the red light all the time, although it has been plugged off). And resetting by removing the battery (if it hangs) leads to the date being reset to the default time - maybe that's also not supposed to be. Will also try a fourth ROM on my phone in the evening, but I guess we already know the results. So, let's say the phone's mainboard is defective. What would it be worth - including all accessoires and manuals? Best regards!
  8. Didn't change anything. The first problems just occured about half a minute of usage after the hard reset. What I definetely can say is, that shaking the device sometimes seems to help getting it out of being stuck (which is rather bad, I suppose). Also plugging and unplugging the device does help if it's stuck. I sometimes feel like Al Calavicci of Quantum Leap, beating Ziggy - if you know what I mean *g*
  9. Hum, I wonder if your description of other's experiences matches mine, because I don't just have problems with the phone not coming out of sleep-mode. - Sometimes the phone simply won't boot and hangs for minutes in the loading process. Sometimes plugging it into the wall seems to help, sometimes not. On the next reset or even hard-reset it might load normally again. - It might even hang, if phone and Wifi is turned off. Sometimes it only hangs for 15 to 30 seconds and after that, processes all the clicks on the touchscreen I made (like the normal computers sometimes) - Sometimes I cannot turn on the phone at all or it'll say, I don't have a connection, although reception with my other phones and same provider is just fine - The problems also occur, if I haven't installed anything yet and just the files in ROM are present (trying the format of My Storage anyway right now, because there are some files from earlier ROMs on it) As for the battery - is it possible that the described behaviour can be caused by a faulty battery? I ask, because as you might imagine, I'm not interested in investing any more money on a device that may be bricked. Anyway - thanks to you two for the suggestions so far. And if you have a particular ROM in mind, that is supposed to run very smoothly without any additional software, I'm all ears ;) Best regards
  10. Well, I tried a custom ROM (ryrzy, Build 28002 - normal), but still didn't really get rid of this problem. Sometimes it only freezes for about 15 seconds, but sometimes it freezes fully. It's especially likely to happen if you unplug from the wall charger - but the device will react again, when you plug it back in. I cannot believe, that this is normal behaviour, because otherwise people most likely wouldn't use this phone in their daily life. So again: Any ideas on what may be wrong?
  11. Wow - are they really that bad? How could these pass internal quality assurance? I mean - if the behaviour of my Omnia is standard for official ROMs, I'd never buy it for the retail price anywhere...
  12. Hey folks, I bought a Samsung Omnia from eBay, that has been tagged being defective. And soon I start believing in it, although I don't get, what exactly might be wrong. The problem is, that the device randomly refuses to work: Either it freezes in Windows Mobile, or it even does while booting, then you just get as far as the animated Samsung logo and not further at all. After a soft- or hard reset or after plugging it into the wall, it might load fully again - just to freeze sooner or later in Windows Mobile. Sometimes it even appears, as if just moving the phone might cause the loading-process to continue again. I'm really very confused. I thought this might have been a problem related to the ROM, but I now I'm beginning to have doubts about it: I already tried two different ROMs (actually official ones), two different phone-parts and not with too great success. What I don't get: Why does it sometimes work just flawlessly (even browsed some Websites), just to crash without a reason? And how could I flash the phone without a problem, if there's actually something wrong with the hardware? Have you ever seen such a weird behaviour? Do you know, what might be the problem? Mainboard defect maybe? Thanks in advance Jens EDIT: Oh and unless installing Flash Lite 3.1 shouldn't cause a sudden restart, you can add random resets to the oddities ;) EDIT2: Apparently getting the phone to work is also a question of luck. After the last reset it wouldn't work anymore.
  13. Just wanted to say it all worked out after an official update to BHIC2. That'll be it for the moment. But certainly I'm soon going to switch to a custom rom. By the way: Is there any way of telling, which one also flashes phone or bootloader? Because I wouldn't want to risk flashing any of these. Best regards!
  14. So because of the two parts not matching, I get the exclamation mark? Will official updates still work anyway? And should I even try? I read, that once you've messed up your phone-part, you cannot simply reflash it, but have to use some JTAG-chip or so?!
  15. Weird - although I get the phone-with-exclamation-mark-symbol, the phone module just seems to work fine... Anyway: Can I flash the phone-part again in a possible future update?
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