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  1. Hi i have a black dell streak running on stock O2 1.6 rom (never been rooted) Today i noticed it was switched off, so i switched it on however now it is stuck on the Dell Logo and does not boot, i have switched it on and off several times and even removed the battery but no difference. i have also tried to perform a hard reset from the recovery menu (hold down volume and power) but that just restarts the device and them gets stuck on dell logo again. i have also followed instructions in the thread below http://android.modaco.com/content/dell-str...-update-o2-only but does not work either, when i select update via pkg , it goes to a emergency recovery screen and ask's me to insert a micro sd card with a update.pkg file on it, even though it is already inside. any advice on this please? thanks
  2. requested my unlock code, on 02 pay as you go, had to top up £15, filled out online form, then got e email asking how and when i last topped up, what tariff i am on etc, they replied back saying there are processing and i will have unlock code within 7-14 working days. thanks op they never said anything about exclusive or we cant unlock at all. saved me a lot was going to get it unlocked by rebels unlock service at a cost of £45 plus posting it to them so saved me a lot. cheers.
  3. woooo! just took delivery of mine from MPD on this deal Combi 30 + Web'n'Walk 18 months HTC TOUCH PRO 2 £24.99 now FREE! 700 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, Unlimited internet 3 months free insurance £34.26 a month unbranded and unlocked. ordered last night and got it today, gave a pac code when ordered so number is being ported over, got a text saying number will be ported over on the 20th of july. guess the weekend slowed things down a bit. ;) also ordered through greasy palm (cashback site) and got £15!!!!
  4. Hi i recently bought a Samsung i780 off ebay its currently running winmo 6.0 and i would like to update to 6.1 but Samsung website states "incorrect version number" my version number is MSHE2 if i enter the example version number on Samsung site then i get access to the update files. i just wanted to know if i update the phone with the example version number will it work? cheers.
  5. you can get orange and 02 sim cards free on-line but the usually take a few weeks to arrive, if you need on quicker ebay would be your best bet. yes i have had to do this in the past as you cant transfer number to same network for some reason. wooohooo!!!! 6th of july time to order me a Touch pro 2. ;)
  6. :D thats not what orange told me, i guess there stalling to make me hang on with them. being heavy is just a sign of a good strong build, i dislike phones that are big but lightweight seems a bit cheap.
  7. Damn forgot about PAC code need to get this to port my number over and is only available once contract has ended oh well roll on 6th of july ;) looks like i will be getting this deal (unless something better comes around by then) Combi 30 + Web'n'Walk 18 months HTC TOUCH PRO 2 £24.99 700 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, Unlimited internet 3 months free insurance £34.26 a month :D
  8. congrats mate how is it? cant wait to get mine, i think i may just go ahead and order from mobile phones direct on 18 month going crazy waiting
  9. HTC branded that is great, no operator customizatiosn or logos, pure original HTC. support maybe a issue will just need to be extra careful :D although i will most probably keep the insurance so replacements within 24 hours! £30 a month thats kl, a 2 year contract kind off long, but hey whatever your happy with. knowing me if there is no price change by then end of my contract i will just end up getting the 18 monther anyhow. cheers ;)
  10. Ill start the only deals i have found at the moment are at: mobilephonesdirect best deals are 18 months - Free Touch pro 2: T mobile combi 35 + WnW: 800 minutes, Unlimited texts, unlimited web, 3 months free insurance for £39.15 per month 12 Months - Touch pro 2 £101.99: T-Mobile Combi 35 + WnW 500 minutes, 375 texts, Unlimited web, 3 months free insurance for £39.15 per month personally i am just coming out of a 18 month contract (Tytn II) in 3 weeks, this time i would like to go for a 12 month contract , although the 18 month deal is good. I wonder if orange will pick this up by then? see what "upgrade" they can offer me although they do seem to ruin wm devices with there branding/customizations. :D
  11. my current contract ends in a couple of weeks and i really want to get the HTC TOUCH PRO2 so just wondered what is the best contract you have found or seen? cheers. <_<
  12. nope not included in my "orange rom" i will try out Fring. thanks, :(
  13. hard rebooted and now all working fine. :)
  14. Hi i reccenlty updated my Samsung i780 (orange branded) to 6.1 using the official Samsung rom. it updated fine however now i do not receive any incoming calls sometimes the phone rings but with no sound. sometimes you cant get through at all like its dead. and also the green call button no longer brings up last dialled numbers. i have tried the sim in another phone and it works perfectly so its deffinatley the device. i can make outgoing calls fine and can play music and test the ring tones so the speaker is working fine. the device was working fine when it was on 6.0. can anyone help please? thanks
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