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  1. after 11 years with Orange I am going to Vodafone! I have phoned O loads of times been to their shops an equal amount of times! just to be met with the same don't know! don't care attitude! Asking if there is any way they can find out is met with the same response! So I went to V and was told they could bend the rules slightly and say I am a business customer and get 1 free for £35 a month. I should get it tomorrow if my PAC is here when I get home. Can't wait, probably won't sleep tonight. Neil
  2. They are also available at Devicewire here the Modaco thread on that too. http://www.modaco.com/content/pocket-pc-pr...-at-devicewire/
  3. PurelyGadgets have them in stock now (Sim Free) http://www.purelygadgets.co.uk/prodinfo.ph...list=39~351~948 Current price £521.95 Comparing the price of the Diamond (Sim Free) £394 I was offered a Diamond the other day for £35 on my current contract on Orange, this Hopefully means the Pro will be about £50ish if and when Orange get them in stock
  4. I downloaded it yesterday! I think i'ts a very good application, although I agree with others on here, the slide to unlock function can be a little annoying. I may get used to it in time though.I like the fact you can pin contacts to the front page a phone them straight from there.all in all very good!Neil
  5. I never got a text telling me they were going up! I'll have to look on my bill, it'll be here in a couple of days.
  6. no nobody seems to know the answer to this 1! I just didn't bother using it anymore, unless someone does know a way to get it working.Neil
  7. Hi I recently downloaded HTC Data Backup to my SPV M3100 as I needed to do a hard reset, not a problem you may think! However after the hard reset I restored my data and software, then had to do a soft reset, and this is where the problem started. After the soft reset it asked me to put in my password (the password I assumed was the unlock password) which I did but it kept saying it was incorrect, I had to wait a while entered it again but still no joy. So I had to hard reset it again this time I never set my password did the restore and again it asked for a password (which again I don't know). So my question, does anyone either know a way around this or a password that works? Thanks for any help Neil
  8. So . . . How would you go about over clocking your phone then? Neil
  9. I flashed mine last night,I like it but there are 1 or 2 things I don't like about it.I'm still getting to grips with it I'll post again later after I've played around a bitNeil
  10. I think a WM6 thing I've still got an M3100 but it's been flashed to WM6 and now it starts on the today screen. sometimes I find it annoying but I've got used to it now really! Neil
  11. Hi Orange have F-secure antivirus software to download from OrangeWorld. It costs 1.50 a month on a rolling subscription, I use it however I don't really know if the threat of viruses is that strong at the moment. But still it's best to be safe than sorry I always say.Hope this is of help.Neil
  12. This is most annoying :) I have had this problem practically since my SPV M3100 was brand new!!! Every now and then my phone refuses to sync, I can't delete files, Cab files won't run. The only thing that sorts the problem is to HARD reset it!! This is a pain as you all will be aware. Does anyone know if there is anyting I can do instead of having to do the reset? Ps I'm now on the Black Satin WM6 and the problem is still here, I also got the WM5 AKU3 update from the Orange Website and it still happened with that too!
  13. a big thank you to you both for your help and .cab files.the reason I never got the file from the 4WM website was I was using my phone to access the site and the buttons for registering were too small to see.but a big thank you again as its all sorted now!I just need to think of a lame excuse when orange finally get round to phoning me back
  14. Thanks very much all sorted now - phone's working fine! :)
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