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  1. Argonaut, I've had the same problem but it happened because my battery was nearly gone and I had to take some pictures. It blacked out and after battery was ok my stuff was gone. Not really helpful but at least you know you are not alone.
  2. Check that... I've tried and it didn't work for me.... but you never know until you try right? http://www.dead-end.info/2010/12/13/samsun..._supplicant-fix
  3. I just installed Froyo on my Brazilian SGS (I9000B - the one with Digital TV). It's a 2.2 JPA installation. After installing the device became buggy and laggy so I have a couple of questions: 1) I've read that hard resetting might solve some problems. Can I use the internal backup/restore function? I've read it backs up both the app and it's settings. I've tried Titanium Backup but it's rather complex and I ended up loosing everything. 2) Is One Click Lag Fix useful? I've installed it but the device is still laggy. 3) I've read a lot of good things about VooDoo but it seems there is some kernel update involved. What is the difference between a ROM and a Kernel update. Wouldn't it mess up my phone since it's a I9000B with the digital tv? Where can I find a JPA Kernel? Or can I update to JU? 4) I've having problems with: swype (force closing sometimes) and wifi (cannot connect to WPA enabled belkin router... Sorry for bothering with so many questions. Generally I used to answer more but my free time is now to support my little daughter. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot! :)
  4. Use Folder Organizer. It will do what you're looking for. Takes a little while to learn it but once you do you won't be able to live without it.
  5. That's odd. My 2.1 SGS has the letters... But try "Dialer One". Besides the letters it also has a better t9 function. Search the Market. It works pretty well with 2.1.
  6. Is anyone having problems to connect to wifi on this ROM (6.5.3). I have a weird behavior. When I try connecting the first time everything is fine but when I turn wifi off I can't turn it on anymore. It even dissapears in the Wireless Manager settings and when I go to settings/wifi it turns on but seems to turn back off although the screen shows the big blue ball as if it was on. I have to reset the device a couple of times to get wifi back. Anyone having this same weird behavior????
  7. Three questions: 1. Can I flash the JG4 eboot on a JF5 6.5.x ROM? 2. Does it require any hard reset? 3. In the new JF5 6.5.x from Shadow there is a neat autoreply message when we receive calls. Does anyone knows how to edit those texts? I'm using an English ROM but I live in Brazil.
  8. I don't know what happended. I retried with exactly the same settings and now MMS works. Weird! TCPMP is running fine on mine. There is an optimized version for i8000. It's somewhere in this forum. Try the search function.
  9. Has anyone managed to configure MMS in this ROM? I did the normal procedure but no success in sending MMS.
  10. If you want a professional to do it.... try FreeOTFEPDA Create a hidden volume and store anything you want there....
  11. For the Omnia Lovers: If you want to use Omnia skinned contacts instead of WM Default just change this registry: HKLM/software/microsoft/shell/rai/:MSCONTACTS replace: :MSPOUTLOOK contacts with: "\windows\SECContact.exe"
  12. Shadow... first of all.... do you have a paypal account? Would be really a pleasure to buy you a beer for all the hard work and specially your patience with the WM Dummies like me hehe :( About PhotoAlbum I just realized that JE2 works... and btw... it's ROCKING FAST!!! :( About .NET it happends with Ricardo Frailes F1 2010 app Just installed and when I run update it gives me a message saying "hexadecimal value 0x1F, is an invalid character. Line 1, position 1." Two other issues: 1)The security certificate insn't disabling. I've installed the new SDCerts posted here but it didn't work for me. 2) I couldn't manage to get Smart Search to work. Tried both JE1 and JE2 versions. It install's but when I run it only says "Notify initializing" and than closes. Anyways I'm in love with this ROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
  13. Shadow... I was about to sell my Omnia. You just brought it back to life! This ROM is just AMAZING!!!!! Just two shortcomings: 1) Some apps that depend on .NET 3.5 seem to crash 2) Photo Album isn't working. I'm running the 6.5.3 ROM so I tried the JE1 cab as recommended but it didn't work. Should I try the JF5???? Thanks again!!!!!
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