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  1. barkythedog

    HTC Diamond on Orange

    is this the new data offers from Orange: from: if so that could be a better deal for users who want to use their phone as a modem? of course we need to know if there is a fup on that daily usage?
  2. can you cancel an upgrade and then go in store to upgrade and get one , my upgrade wont arrive till monday and im inpatient
  3. Just spoke to them today, they now said they could offer me an upgrade £19.99 for the phone, onto the new Dolphin 35 talk plan with the unlimited browsing for £30/month, same as the online deal but cheaper phone, and I keep my 4 magic numbers, they are back tracking fast at the moment.
  4. so has anyone managed to upgrade?
  5. presumerably for new customers only
  6. ah well just have a new number then
  7. i have no idea but it should be fun, either way i get the phone i want albeit with a new number, but i can't believe how they are treating there long serving loyal customers
  8. well i'm gob smacked, phoned orange cs yesterday afternoon and was told i could'nt upgrade to that phone because its not availible to upgrades as its not on the system, after a little debate the guy still refused to let me have one so as im at the end of my contract i asked for my pac code and he gave me it,no trying to help no offer, nothing,so much for 12 years with them, he did'nt even put me through to retentions, so then i went back online and bought one anyway, should be here before noon friday, i wonder how quickly they will port my number.
  9. it looks like a squashed lion bar
  10. barkythedog

    m600 and voice commander

    wow no ideas from anyone then
  11. barkythedog

    m600 and voice commander

    still no ideas
  12. barkythedog

    Treo 750v review

    it looks like a fischer price toy from my youth
  13. barkythedog

    m600 and voice commander

    does anyone have a program or know of a program that would help
  14. barkythedog

    m600 and voice commander

    hm still no ideas hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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