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  1. All you need to do is use a program such as TomTom, Google Maps, CoPilot, which will access the GPS. If the settings are correct, GPS Program Port COM8, GPS Hardware Port COM6, Baud Rate 115200, the GPS will activate automatically and respond to the program and give a reading. There is NO "ON/OFF" control for the GPS within the phone's software, just run a program that uses it and it will activate and function automatically.
  2. Yes it is possible to underclock the 614c, I do, and can get 3+ days out of it with light use. If you still have your iPAQ Choice points then there is software you can purchase there called Pocket Hack Master: Pocket Hack Master @ iPAQ Choice There is also another program called XCPU Scalar 2007 which can perform the similar tasks: XCPU Scalar 2007 @ Immiersoft Both of these allow for customiseable over and under clocking of the CPU speed to boost performance or increase battery life. Please try to avoid multiple posting in the future...
  3. I'm not sure how it compares to the DS Brain Training games, having never owned or played them, but I did come across a title from SPB Software House that may be similar: http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/products/brainevolution/?en It isn't freeware, and will cost about $20, but they make good software, I'm using both SPB Mobile Shell and SPB Pocket Plus on my iPAQ 614c and I can only imagine their games will be just as professionally made. Now I'm looking at it, I might even buy it myself :D
  4. KEYGUARD Issue Solved! This does nothing to improve my views of HP and their useless customer/technical support, as this fix was found by accident. If anyone read my earlier posts they would know that I was unable to get the HP Keyguard function to lock the keypad and touch screen when the device goes in to standby. No one on this forum knew why, no one on the HP forum bothered to respond and HP just told me to tick the right box in the settings, which I knew about and was ticked. Well it turns out having a Password on the device, through the Lock settings, so that when it hasn't been used for 60 minutes a 4 digit numeric password is needed, the Keyguard, in the Buttons settings, will not function! HP make no mention of this clash in their manual or through technical support, so it is only by accident when I turned this off that I found Keyguard started to work. So, if you want to use Keyguard, do not set a device password!
  5. Don't bet on them taking you seriously, they will probably try and pass the buck over to another department. On my unit the "Keyguard" option found in the Buttons menu does absolutely nothing. I have tried getting help from various forums including here, to no avail. I then emailed HP Customer Support describing the problem. All I got back was an email with the phone number for their technical support and no attempt at being useful at all. I really don't like HPs support for this device, not only are they not helpful but they also do not seem to have any plans for putting Windows Mobile 6.1 onto this phone. I'm still glad I have got one, but I can really see this killing sales for it, despite being so new as they are ruining it's future. I hope you have better luck with getting answers from their support centre, let us know how you get on.
  6. Regarding your point number 5: 5. I saw from previous thread, someone mention how to use the keyguard function. By right, u need to Start -> Setting -> buttons -> lock tab -> check the "Enable keyguard" box and OK. When your iPAQ enter standby mode, it should be automatically lock the keypad, so when u trying push the power button, it will prompt to unlock the keypad by press and release the left and right soft key. This is what I expect to happen, but on my 614c it does not. I have the "Enable keyguard" box ticked exactly as mentioned above, yet it does nothing. Could you possibly look in the registry of your device to see if there are any entries specific to the Keyguard and what their settings are? This may help me get it working on my 614c. Also, your point 2, I would assume that the 612c also supports microSDHC cards just like the 614c. My 614c has a 4GB microSDHC card in and functions correctly with this card. Thanks, Darren.
  7. I also had no screen protector, an annoyance, but I have ordered a Durasec HighTec Screen Protector http://www.durasec.com/catalog/compaq-ipaq...af7f38e2eb1c18d. It is one that uses adhesive/glue rather than the poor quality washable/reuseable screen protectors I once tried for my old XDA 2i that use electrostatic attraction to stick to the screen. These types of screen protectors do exist for the iPAQ 614c, but I found that they just didn't last, however I tried them in the past out of fear that using glue would be a bad idea. But after a friend tried a Durasec HighTec on his TyTN 2, it was actually quite good. It does use glue, but can be gently peeled off leaving no residue or marks of any kind on the screen if you do want to remove it. I am using the new ROM update too, and haven't found any difference. I never experienced the problem with 3G Switching/Instability, although I have manually set my phone to use O2 (GSM) only. It wasn't as good an update as I was expecting, but if it does fix the instability issues some users have experienced, then it's good HP go around to doing so this quickly. One thing I am still annoyed with - HP Keyguard, found in System->Personal->Buttons->Lock What does it do? How do you make it do anything? My phone does nothing differently with this option ticked to when it is not ticked. Some responses here imply that it automatically locks the whole keypad when in standby, but on mine it does not. I still have the problem where if I get a text message, missed call or reminder (anything to 'wake up' the phone), it may lead to the phone dialing numbers accidentally as buttons get pushed.
  8. That says it is compatible with the HTC TyTN 2... which I thought used a proprietry HTC Ext-USB connection, and not the standard mini-USB connection? Would this therefore not work with the iPAQ 614c?
  9. That is what I meant when I said about pressing and holding the 'OK' button on the left edge of the phone, this is not on the keypad. This does not lock the keypad for me, but instead just disables the touch-scroll wheel functionality of the ring. The buttons keep working as normal buttons, just they do not work for the slide touch scrolling. It does put a little lock symbol on the top bar, but with a little circle of two arrows next to it. Is this what happens on your phone? Are you sure it locks all the keys and not just the scrool wheel part of them? Have you changed any configurations to make this happen? What ROM and O/S have you got on your phone? Mine has OS-v1.00 and FW-v0.77, as displayed on the boot screen after a soft reset. Cheers, Darren
  10. Now for a question of my own... In the Buttons Menu, on the 'Lock' tab, what does the "Enable Keyguard" option do? I have tried having it Ticked and Un-ticked, and so far do not know what the difference is yet. Even with it ticked, and with all the buttons disabled when in stand-by, I have still have the device try to dial random numbers if I receive a message or a reminder when it is in my pocket. This will obviously wake up the device, and then all the buttons would be 'live' and so if pressed by accident, would do different things. What does the "Keyguard" option actually do? Is there a way to lock the keypad entirely? I have tried this by pressing and holding the 'OK' button on the left edge of the phone, as suggested by some users, but this only disables the touch wheel, and not the buttons. Any help would be much appreciated, as I would really like all the keys to lock when I turn the phone off, even if a reminder or text message was to wake the phone up, so that no numbers could be dialled by mistake. Thanks, Darren.
  11. As far as I understand it, the A-GPS feature is something that will just work providing a valid SIM Card is installed in the device. Without a SIM card, the GPS will function normally, using as many satellites as possible in view to calculate your position; I have had it using 9 satellites at once with TomTom 6. The A-GPS just allows the device to download some extra satellite information, the Assistance Data I think, containing data on the satellites (ephemeris and almanac data). This data allows the phone to get a faster fix on your position if you are using the GPS regularly. If you do not use the GPS for a long time, maybe for over a week, or move a large distance before using it again, it may take a long time to get a fix again, as the Assistance Data would have expired or not be valid for your new position. To get a fix on your position data from atleast 3 satellites is needed, or 4 to calculate altitude also, so depending on where you are, it may take a few minutes to get a first fix, but so far I have not seen the device need more than 2 minutes to find my position. The A-GPS does not appear to need a constant data connection through the mobile phone network, and functions like any other GPS enabled device when being used. I have only occasionally noticed my 614c connecting through GPRS by itself, which I think must be to download the Assistance Data. There is no way to 'configure' the Assisted-GPS as far as I know, to the end user it just operates as an ordinary GPS receiver. If your phone does have a valid SIM card inside then it will automatically try and obtain the Assistance data through its network connection. I hope this makes sense, when I bought this phone I was worried that the Assisted-GPS would not be as good as regular GPS, but infact it seems to operate and function just the same :D
  12. Just a quick thought on cases for this device... http://www.sizeasy.com/page/size_compariso...vs-Apple-iPhone Its dimensions are very similar to the dreaded iPhone. There are Sleeve/Pouch type cases made for the iPhone that are slightly flexible/stretchy for the iPhone to just slip in to. I'm now thinking that some of these may make suitable slip in cases for the iPAQ 600 series, being stretchy enough to accommodate the slightly thicker phone? http://www.myincipio.com/category/0_apple_...es_accessories/ Some from Incipio, the Orion and the alphaPouch look quite good. Obviously none of the custom fit cases like their Hipster or boxFrame would be any good, but the pouch/sleeve types where you remove the device to use it could possibly work...? Anyone else tried this? I'm waiting for delivery of the Incipio Orion iPhone case now to see if my theory is correct, I'll let you know how it turns out.
  13. Is there any secret to making the 'My Location' feature work without a GPS receiver? I have tried Google Maps on both my XDA2i (HTC Alpine) and iPAQ 614c with my O2 pay monthly sim card, and in both handsets I get a message about my handset not being compatible with the 'My Location' feature. Of course on the iPAQ 614c, I can turn on the GPS and get a fix that way, in which case the 'My Location' feature works. But why does it not work on either handset using the mobile phone network for positioning? Any ideas?, Thanks.
  14. Has anyone had any success using the iPAQ Audio configuration in the settings? I have set the Bass and Treble bars to a custom level, but it never persists. I think that if the phone is soft reset, it loses these settings, although it may just lose them after a period of time anyway. Does anyone know how to make them more permanent? Also, does anyone know how to make xT9 (English) the default input method for everything, so that it never shows 'abc' either at the top or bottom of the screen? I keep finding places where it has xT9 set down at the bottom of the screen, but 'abc' at the top, or vice versa. Now that I have a keypad I would like to to stay as xT9 all the time, in every menu and input box, rather than me having to change it using the '*' key. Other than those little problems, I'm loving this phone. I used my iPAQ Choice points that came with this device to download Pocket Hack Master, a program that allows custom adjustment of the CPU speed, so that it drops down when not being used to save battery. So far I have 35% remaining after being turned on for 52 hours that have included about 2 hours of GPS usage and sending some text messages. This seems reasonable, on par with my old XDA 2i (HTC Alpine), and I would easily now expect 3 days standby if I'm only sending the occasional text message and not using GPS.
  15. Found a very useful Battery/Memory status Today screen plugin called Metrix 2. http://www.apoxsoft.com/products/metrix/ Got in on my iPAQ 614c which was missing a decent battery bar, works a treat, though I'd share :D
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