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    Omnia - M2D Nicklashidegard
  1. Does anyone have the coloured m2d2.0 tab icons that can be added to the windows directory? ie the coloured tab for home, people, launcher from the sector roms with m2d above? Thanks heaps
  2. shreddo

    TomTom Now for omnia 900i

    just to clarify it's gps_id files under My Device. It can't be deleted without soft reseting the device but I definately don't have a port splitter set up. Just can take a while to get a fix.
  3. shreddo

    TomTom Now for omnia 900i

    I use TomTom 7. I just use the trick of deleting the GPS.log & (i think from memory) GPS.bin files saved under "myDevice" directory. It can be slow to get a fix but it does work no software needed!
  4. Hi Nick, I have a query on the older 23075 -M2D lite rom. It has been near perfect for me and I am still on it. I particularly enjoy the calendar app and the large free memory usually sitting around 45mb. Please let me know if you recommend updating to a newer rom. However it seems to be set to shut down programs on exit rather than running them in the background. Is there an easy option to change this to run app in background? Thanks for keeping our omnias so cutting edge and current!! appreciate your feedback.
  5. hi, very keen to try out your m2d 2.0 rom. One question, how much ram is free on soft reset with m2d 2.0. I have tried another that only left me about 25mb. Thanks n great work
  6. I think this latest update is brilliant. Not a big issue but an inconvienience I have experienced. On the sAMSUNG FAVOURITES APP the sound settings doesn't seem to work. Is this related to the standard wm6.5 ring tones settings that are also not working. Any idea why this is the case? is it likely to work in updated roms. All in all this is one slick rom and TFdetacher lets me flick back and forth to Online Widgets and Touchflo....nice.
  7. Thanks for info on ringtones. That sounds like a decent workaround. As for the samsung alarm clock - that was probably my favourite application just because it is nice and easy to use even compared to the new 6.5 default clock. I have installed the clock but can't get the alarm time to change on it? seems to freeze up if I try. If anyone has experience getting it to work I'd love to know. All else works great for me.
  8. Hi all, This is my first post. I have to say that this is a very nice rom. My only difficulty is that under settings and notifications there does not seem to be any tones selectable. I get a blank drop down box. Is this just me or like this for everyone. Also I tried to get the samsung clock on here and working but the alarm time cannot be changed. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Again big thanks for a great upgrade to omnia!

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