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  1. timeline

    Mobile URL Shortener App - ShortenMobile

    is this site completely dead now?
  2. timeline

    Windows Phone 7 Series is official!

    yay so my overpriced HD2 is officially dead-end tech?
  3. timeline

    New FREE Utility - NoData

    null exception on WM6.5
  4. timeline

    HTC Diamond 3 - HTC Obsession

    OK so the HD2 won't get a WM7 upgrade then I guess.
  5. timeline

    HTC HD2 Hidden Radio update!

    argh, so is it safe to buy one yet? how many updates do you need on an overpriced machine that you won't guarantee WM7 on?
  6. timeline

    Which Windows Mobile Device are you using?

    HTC polaris. still WM6.0 no spare phone to try updates
  7. thanks for the ad. how about some actual info on WHY it's so perfect?
  8. timeline

    HTC HD2 Updated again

    with all these bugfixes, what is HTC run by Canon now?
  9. timeline

    What makes you stick with Windows Mobile?

    handwriting support. yes handwriting with a stylus handwriting of Eng handwriting of Jap Yes, I need a stylus and I dont like the way HD2 is heading...
  10. timeline

    HTC HD2 Messaging Update

    The HD2 really sounds buggy, so many updates before it's hit the whole world market and still no guarantee of WM7
  11. none of those are well spec'd so no purchase for a whole year I guess? given lead time on announce->avail.
  12. yeh, but most ppl think iphone was the first pda/smartphone. they get excited about new productivity apps we've been using since PPC2002, think that unlimited data plans are a must, and that nobody can write neatly.
  13. that is because you are required to read the post CAREFULLY
  14. timeline

    Stylus for the HD2?

    who on earth needs a stylus for this day and age?? People with neat handwriting. I use Calligrapher and it recognizes my writing. People writing non En-US scripts - Ja, Chn, etc. - how will this sell in Asia? And sorry, WM6 still assumes everyone has a stylus. Unless you bought this as an application (like an iPhone) and never intend to add any non HTC apps, you need a stylus. It's like saying who on earth needs a headphone socket for this day and age?? (Use bluetooth instead)
  15. timeline

    HTC Support Experiences

    called few times with static issues on polaris while charging and listening. after a few techs they said couldn't fix it, and just not to do it. strangely cousin's touch (1) had no such issues.

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