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  1. contact SMS for refund?? what does it mean.... and now i had uninstall it because i am still in a inactive stage. and i dont want another extra charge... u never know how many international this program is going to sent... lucky that i wasnt abroad at that time, otherwise it will cost me a fortune. sending international sms abroad.... :)
  2. no not any more... but my account is still in inactivity stage..... sent an email to them already.... but they never get back to me.
  3. i had install the software on my TYTN II, my account is still on an inactivity stage, and now i realise that some porblem on my phone bill Sat 12 Jan 14252461806 5text msgs £1.02 Sat 13 Jan 14252461806 1text msgs £0.20 can any one tell me whats happen to my phone bill, is there any more comeing up on my phone bill thx

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