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  1. Blue, unlocked. Boxed with all accessories included, folio case Postage via Royal Mail included next day. Payment via Paypal friends and family or bank transfer. Collection welcome from Basingstoke Feedback, prev on psc forum ‘harrytheweb’ aka Chris Bates.
  2. Worked great on my grey zuk z1 ;) now I have notification light!! Boom! Thanks Paul.
  3. The one is rather tall anyway, in fairness the battery life is rather good too. Nice to see the support but don't think many one owners will buy one.
  4. This is definitely the best keyboard I have ever used I generally find that trusting swype to pick the right word is the way to go. I often just keep looking at the keyboard and not checking the text is pretty quick and reasonably accurate. The only bit that I was finding annoying was how its difficult to see under your finger when your typing. I have found that with prolonged use this goes away the quicker you get. If anyone has tried it and given up previously I would recommend you give it another go. I had to correct just 2 words when typing the above. I guess its a learning curve that will pay off pretty quick. Why would they develop it if it wasn't better than a standard keyboard.
  5. Hi all, got my streak and was initially happy with the battery life until a week or so ago. I have not made it through a day! Very annoyed. Anyway I read today that its probably linked to me changing from googlemail to Gmail! I don't know why or how but I'm changing back now and will let you know if it has an affect. Fingers crossed I get through a day with ease. If not i'll end up getting an imoan 4. I'll keep you posted. ######################Update 5.16 pm Ok its now just after 5 so I have had the phone on for over 7 hours. In this time I have been on the net for over an hour and streaming podcasts for about 2 hours over wifi. I am now at 51% which is a vast improvementover the past week. I have had everything on except gps. This means I'm back in love with the streak! Who would have thought that changing an email could have such an effect.... ######################Update 11.50pm So last night I went to bed at just before midnight and had 30% left. the last part of the day I made a 10 minute phone call and browsed the web for about half an hour on wifi. So my first day back with a googlemail account and my phone is back too normal! I have made no other changes to the way I use my phone. If anyone else out there has changed to gmail I would suggest that you change back until google has sorted the issues out. Successful day and I'm glad I document it. Thanks for reading...... Last two entries written with swype!
  6. Giffgaff is unlimited data for £10.00 pm and is free until July.... Also their sims work in the o2 locked streak.
  7. OK I have never seen anything like this before and am guessing its not well known.... 'w.tv' is the app of the day. It allows you to stream tv and DVD's.
  8. Data is free at the moment but its unlimited on a £10 goody bag anyway.
  9. Looks OK but I don't think you have voice.... and this is a phone. I am £400 for the phone. Using giffgaff sim for £10 pm unlimited data, unlimited texts, 100 minutes. So no contract. No unlock needed as giffgaff uses o2. Enjoying every minute. Hope this is of use. If anyone wants a giffgaff sim they are free on their website with other bundles available. If you get one please use 'harrytheweb' as the referral.
  10. I really need a couple of data cables.. why doesn't it take micro USB? so annoying! If anyone finds any online please post. Anyway for those interested I have just invested in a Nexxus Drivetransmit PRO Bluetooth With FM Transmitter for my car. This is great for listening to music, podcasts and handfree calling through the car stereo while driving. All wireless and has a USB slot for charging. I got it on eBay for £25.99. For a moment I thought i had invented it until I searched ebay and saw one had been made and I was beaten to it. It seems to work and is well built. Some people might not have realized these things exist so thought it was worth a mention.
  11. Hi has anyone got video on the dell streak running? I have tried handbreak and a couple of profiles for mp4 but nothing seems to play. Not exactly sure what im doing so if someone could point me in the right direction with handbreak settings?
  12. Has anyone had any issue with Wifi ? using Skype and can't seem to get data through to the handset although i'm connected.
  13. Hey Joost, I posted mine off cause all the sound stopped working. Came back to me after 1 week. The repairers were Anovo and not directly Asus. Sorry to hear your still waiting. FYI, Anovo do all O2 repair for all handsets..
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