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  1. I'm looking for a Bluetooth gamepad that I can use with FPSECE and other emulators/games for the HTC Diamond. Cheaper is better as long as it's generally good quality. I am in the UK, so somewhere local would be ideal, but if it has to be international then a good shipping cost will suffice. I've tried Googling this without being sure of which gamepads work well with the Diamond, so if someone has any experience using one and can recommend it I'd appreciate that. Something like this, that the Diamond can fit inside of, would be awesome. Thanks people. Edit: Seems like this place is a ghost town anyway. Does everyone jump ship to the newest phones immediately or something? Eh, I don't get it.
  2. Have you tried Duke Nukem or Picodrive?
  3. Thanks very much mikeeey - it worked. Too bad there isn't some kind of configuration tool for the keys. Ah well. I also noticed that the problem I explained in this thread is still there: http://www.modaco.com/content/Other/264244...ypad-Sticking-/ So I must determine it's a hardware problem. I have no idea why the keys 'stick' like that. It's really annoying and kills the fun with pretty much any emulator or port. :)
  4. Whoa, hold on, I just realised how old this topic is. Nobody really posts here, I guess! =/
  5. I got this a few times too. Mostly on the first/second day of owning the G500. Which network are you with? Sometimes it really is down to bad signal. Could you explain more about the actual message you get regarding the settings being wrong?
  6. Loads the WAD but the display is very much garbled. I couldn't see anything really, except some blurred colours, so I figured out how to navigate to 'Quit Game'. :) Too bad. Duke works okay on my smartphone.
  7. When I turn on music (yes, the timidity directory is correct) it's incredibly distorted, even with high values. Why is this?
  8. Have no other G500 owners experienced this? :) Can anyone try installing Duke 3D and seeing if it happens?
  9. Besides the problem mentioned in a thread I created, I love the device.
  10. At first I thought this was a software problem. I installed Duke Nukem 3D, which looks great, but when I try to move about sometimes it seems like a certain movement is 'stuck' and poor Duke starts running around in circles, though pressing the joypad in multiple directions can sometimes fix this. Today I got Picodrive on my phone and started playing Streets of Rage 2. Seems great, except the same thing happened. Skate was skatin' in all the wrong directions. Like with Nukem, messing around with the joypad sometimes got it back to normal, but it's a major annoyance. Besides having to map the controls to the number keys which would be a pain, does anyone know the cause of this and how to fix it?
  11. Okay, small update. This morning I started receiving 3G signal (possible HSDPA but I guess it's hard to distinguish), but it isn't terribly consistent. Is there any kind of speed test application I could use?
  12. And now I'm having yet another problem! Wi-Fi is often completely disappearing from the connectivity menu! It's there, then it just hides itself, etc. :S
  13. Thanks very much for your reply! The layout in the screenshot is somewhat similar to the WM5 (you asked which version I used and I use WM5, not WM6 sadly) layout, despite the fact my smartphone has a 240x320 resolution. It's quite similar at the top-right too, except the "G" or the "E" are small square icons, so there's probably not enough room for it to say 3G in the icon. Edit: Ah, interesting... but annoying. >_> I managed to find the 'mode' settings in the phone settings, and I could change it from automatic to HSDPA. I did that and got nothing. Then I changed it back and I got GPRS signal. Then it went to 3G (I assume it uses the 3G icon for HSDPA too) but had no bars of signal. So basically it's not strong enough to receive the HSDPA? :) Because my USB modem can. Man, that sucks... It's the main reason I bought the phone. Anyway, that aside, thanks for the link, some of those apps look great. I'll test them all out when my memory card comes, probably tomorrow. I'm glad I got Duke 3D working though. But really unhappy that my phone won't receive HSDPA. I mean, GPRS? I feel like I've been robbed. Thanks for your help. EDIT: Sorry Monolithix, as I was replying I didn't see your post. I'll reply to it now, let me just edit this... :D Thanks. :D Yes, actually. If you go to www.vidaone.com they have a range of diet and fitness software. I wanted to use MyPersonalDiet to track my calorie intake and my progress, and I believe I can input exercise information too, then synchronise with the VidaOne Diet and Fitness software for the PC. I e-mailed them and they said smartphone versions should come around April. But alas, that's a bit of a wait for me... Yeah, that's what I did in the end. (The latter method.) Total Commander sounds pretty good though. I'll go and download it now. :D Ahh! That's very useful. Thank you very much.
  14. Hello, this is my first topic here! :D Seems like a great forum. :) Anyway, for the most part this topic isn't device specific, so that's why I posted it in this particular forum. The other day I received a Toshiba G500 from an eBay seller - practically brand new for £100... real bargain! Yes, I've read your reviews and seen you complain about the T9 responsiveness etc., but it's been fine for me overall. However, there are a few problems I'm having... The G500 has HSDPA built into it. At the moment I currently have a T-Mobile web 'n' walk contract, 10GB a month. I have a USB modem that I can connect to my PC or laptop that can receive HSDPA, at pretty fast speeds. (Best I've gotten's really been around 150kbps.) Now, when I used the SIM in the G500, yes, the Internet works. (And it's a SIM-free phone.) However, it doesn't seem to be very fast. I installed Skype and I can hear the test call voice okay, but when I speak, my voice is all garbled when it's played back. I fear that - for some reason - it's only receiving GPRS speed. The G at the top-right next to the signal bar would indicate that, no? I've seen it change to an E a couple of times, but only for a few seconds. I assume that the G is for GPRS and the E was for EDGE/3G. If that's the case, I have yet to see a H for HSDPA. I don't understand. If the modem can receive it why can't the phone? Do I need to further configure the Internet settings? This is probably my most important question. I was looking for a HSDPA-capable phone and the G500 looked perfect, but it doesn't seem to be working. <_< Another issue I have is compatibility... with applications. It really irritates me that every version of something with 'phone' features appears to be completely watered down. There are some applications that I really wanted to use on the move, which is why I purchased a Windows Mobile smartphone. However, even though it said the applications "work with Windows Mobile 5.0" devices, I didn't read the little disclaimer at the bottom of the product page saying "*doesn't work with smartphone edition." :D What's the point in having a 400+ MHz processor when nothing is compatible? Furhermore, the applications I want on it don't even require use of the touch screen, so why a "Pocket PC" WM5 application that doesn't use the touch screen at all and works on PDAs with a 240x320 (like my phone!) won't work on the "smartphone edition" is damn well beyond me! I've found the applications that have worked best were installed manually, i.e. by copying the executables and other data to the phone and not using a CAB file or ActiveSync. Do you think if I could get the actually application data for these incompatible programs and drag them to my phone, they would work? (Okay, maybe a stupid question, but I wish.) Another thing is, when I copy over program files manually, I have to use the file explorer to open them. Is there any way to create shortcuts in the start menu for them? Oh, and I'm looking for a decent MSN client. I tried Agile but it didn't work. :D Any other suggestions? (Preferably supporting file transfer, display pictures, etc.) One other question I can think of for now... I remember seeing this awesome software for WM5 that lets you customise home and group programs, etc. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Hope you guys can answer my questions. I appreciate it. Thanks a lot, ~Shaun Edit: Extra question. I've noticed the G at the top in the middle as well. I assume this means celluar Internet is activated. On the menu with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth I can also disable phone, but will this disable all phone functions (e.g. receiving messages) or just GPRS/3G/whatever? Edit 2: I tried looking at the thread that said I can paste shortcuts in the Start Menu folder but it doesn't seem to work. I'll try manually creating a LNK file later tonight and see if it works. Edit 3: Okay, sorted shortcuts out. Forget about that.
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