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  1. morning, i've just updated my tytnII to wm6.5 using hyperdragon's rom, but the thing that's letting it down for me is the input. on my old wm6.1 i had the touch pad input working, but i can't for the life of me get it working on the 6.5. does anyone know if this is possible, and if so... how? thanks in advance, G
  2. morning all, i've got my tomtom rider configured to connect to my tytnII, but i'm having problems configuring the phone for a data connection. i've looked through tomtom's website and it states that "the phone isn;t supported for the plus services, but that any phone with a gprs connection can be configured". i've tried different configuration scripts and stuff, and i get different results every time. sometimes the weather works and others it doesn't and i've had no joy with traffic updates despite subscribing. has anyone got any idea how to get this working? if it helps, the rider is similar to the go! thanks in advance, G
  3. ignore that, spb mobile shell is misreporting. stupid bloody application! G
  4. afternoon, i'm having problems following a rom update to dutty's diamond rom v1... if i connect my tytnII via usb and form an activesync connection i cannot seem to access ie, weather, messenger, or quick gps updates. i have been able to do all this via wireless. the strange thing is that despite none of these connecting, spb mobile shell DOES correctly update the weather. this has me confused! i've been through all the settings i can think of, trying with and without proxy settings, removing settings and re-adding, and even reinstalling activesync, but nothing. it's bizarre and i am now at a loss as to what's wrong! hopefully someone can help... thanks in advance, G
  5. Obi G

    are o2 business phones sim locked?

    morning, sorry if this is a stupidly basic question, but does anyone know if o2 business sim lock their phones? i'm due a company phone and don't want to replace my tytnII (which is on orange) as i'm early on into a contract. what i wanted to do was get a phone from o2 business and then swap sims - orange sim into o2 phone, o2 sim into tytnII. this way i can use the tytnII for work and just take out a little phone when i don't need to be work contactable. but... i don't want to go through the hassle of getting it unlocked, and then reunlocking it any time i updated the firmware or anything. thanks in advance :D G
  6. Obi G

    CamerAware is now available!

    evening Paul, any idea how long it'll be till i get a registration code? i only ask as i suspect that this is the reason why the cameraware part isn't working but the navizon stuff is... thanks in advance :) G
  7. good morning, made the jump yesterday and purchased a kaiser from orange. apart from the orange homescreen and the fact i can't seem to remove an application from the start menu i'm more than happy with the phone itself. however, the problem i have is that i am unable to send my contacts via bluetooth to my car stereo. i know that sounds random, but my stereo is my hands free in car thing and has an address book function built in. i had no problem with sending this data from my old SE w850i, but i can't find a way to send one contact, let alone all of them from the kaiser via bluetooth. does anyone have any ideas? thanks in advance, G

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