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  1. Any way of fixing the greyed out notifcation panel option? I really miss it
  2. Hi all, Can anyone running a B175 Y300 from Carphone Warehouse post the contents or at least the file structure of their cust folder? Trying to fix notification toggles on B190 Thanks
  3. Anyone else having issues with the GSM/WCDMA menu? It seems that it always resets itself to GSM only. Currently on the EU baseband on latest version of Lewa, did it with the previous version too... Whenever I change it to GSM/WCDMA preferred or Global etc. it resets to GSM only when I leave the Mobile Network menu
  4. I'm deciding to stop being on pay as you go and am thinking about getting a free graohite with the contact. Are they worth getting? Battery Life? Signal? WI-FI quality etc. Any help would be appreciated
  5. I often go to places with bluetooth PANs but my SDA II doesn't give me an option for the PAN. I have tried with another c550 and even a qtek 8200 that my friend owns but to no avail. Does anyone know how I can get the PAN back?
  6. My new shiny SDA II arrived today and I was wondering what would be the best freeware apps and games for it? I already have sniper if anyone wants to know and I need a freeware led control app if anyone has one too. Any suggestions for apps and games are appreciated
  7. The shape is the same. So are the flashy lighty things.
  8. Hey that looks like my SDA but mine is in perfect condition without a scatch (Bought from ebay brand new 2 weeks ago, £30).
  9. Bluetooth seems to have feelings. It works for the people that had major accidents but doesn;t like headsets. Simple?
  10. It's probable, there might be a .cab to install but I'm guessing it'd work.
  11. dang. oh well. if he doesn't want it I'll have it. darkno1 you don't want it :)
  12. If I don't win...............................You don't wanna know what happens MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAMODACOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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