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  1. where do you check? Could ya check mine?
  2. Astala Vista Baby is a game similar to worms, only with babies! it is currently available for PPC but not Smartphone as of yet. It is supported for both VGA and QVGA devices. To read more and to buy it for just $14.95 click here.
  3. err, mini_man its a free download! no need to buy. btw it rocks ;)
  4. cool, it'd be pretty cool running windows ;)
  5. A silver version of the W-ZERO3 will be hitting the shelves in japan soon. So for those of you that would prefer a silver device this is the one to get! it has a VGA Screen, Pull out QWERTY keyboard, WiFi and W-Sim(which makes it rather unique). Check it out here. Credit : Pocket PC Thoughts
  6. Isotope 244 have released a Beta version of their award winning game, Atomic Cannon for smartphone. To download the Beta version of this game for Smartphone click here and to read more visit www.isotope244.com.
  7. i can make you an inf if you like so then you can use it when making other cabs(as a template)...
  8. I use a MobyMemory 2GB and it rocks, great read/write speeds that beat Sandisk by a long way ;)
  9. i dont think so, there isnt a WM specific version so i doubt its possible!
  10. Yes, but this forum is for Windows Mobile devices only. Please visit mobiholics: http://www.mobiholics.net/index.php?act=idx
  11. It is in QVGA! i think all the Atraware games are now.
  12. ok, well if you converted it to CSV correctly it should work without fail!
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