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    Unlocking help

    Hi, My Desire-Z is back with HTC being repaired I'm attemptin to root my old T-Mobile G2 touch (rebranded HTC hero) in a bit to get it sim unlocked so I have something to use while it being repaired. I have downloaded the guide on here and after rebooting in to the android boot menu I entre the following: fastboot-windows boot recovery-RA-hero-v1.5.2.img I get the following error: "remote: not allow" uh help! Thanks -Howard
  2. Hi, Bit of an odd one here. I have a Desire-Z (although I don't think this is a handset issue) and recently I can no longer access any webpages while connected via 3G. Oddly enough the internet does work, I can connect to google talk, gmail, facebook - all apps can access but I can not browse to a webpage. Making it even worse I can browse any webapge fine when on a WLAN. I have tried both the standard browser and skyfire and get the same issue. There must be a setting somewhere that is causing this. Any ideas? I do have APNdroid installed and powerbar which can effect the connectivity but I used them with my hero and had no issues. Android version is 2.2.1 and there has recently been a phone update from HTC. Help!! Thanks -Howard
  3. Hi, I just picked up a new android phone (a Desire Z) and need to move my contacts from my old Android phone (hero). As my google mail account is used a lot I saved my contacts on to my "phone" (easier to find people) so I am assuming I will need to transfer them off and back on again as they'd not be synced anywhere. I'm assuming the easiest way is using HTC sync? or is there a better way? Thanks -Howard Webb
  4. HI, I want to make a full backup of all sent and received SMS messages. Is there a good freeware program to do this? If not whats the best pay for one? Cheers -How
  5. Hi, I just me an MDA Vario 3 and was wondering what GPS software people recommend? Cheers -Howard
  6. Yea things like signal strength would be important. I assumed that a dedicated GPS would have an easier time of finding a signal if I'm in the depths of Brecon! Last time I was in Brecon I was down in a deep valley under a canopy. maybe "remote" was the wrong word. Mostly I want basic things like distance traveled, possible average speed if I go out on my cycle. However that said, I'd like to be able to auto Geotag my photos and also have some maps with detail enough to be able to be used as an OS map. As far as the costs go - I guess the'd be exactly the same if I used a dedicated GPS anyway :D Well that one was just an example I found quickly! Cheers -Howard.
  7. Sorry but I really dont think that its a match for a dedicated unit. Some thing like this ( http://www.patrick-roeder.de/reviews/garmi...smap_60CSx.htm) I'd of thought would be leaps and bound ahead. Although thats not saying its bad its just how good is it? Is that OS level or road level? Cheers -Howard.
  8. Hi, I've got my eye on one of these to replace my MDA Vario. My contracts up but even with a new contract it'd be a hefty price to pay for a phone unless it does the things I want. Biggest question for me is how well does the GPS work? I'm a keen amature photographer and having a GPS system that means I can pop the location of every shot would be sweet. The only thing is some times I find myself in remote locations. How good is the signal strength in one of these babies? I know it'll never be as good as a full GPS system but how close does it come? One of the sites mentions an external GPS aerial port - is that just for car kits or can you get some you can take out "in the field". The other question is maps and SW. What are these like for the walker? I dont really care about the car sat nav I'd really just use it when taking photos etc so a close up map would be usefull. The T-mobile deal comes with CoPilot which I assume is based around car sat nav. Oh yea one last thing - memory cards. Whats the biggest this can take? Cheers -Howard.
  9. Hi, My earphones have given up the ghost (one of the hears is buzzing) and as I listen to a lot of music on my vario so I need to replace them. I'm looking for recommendations, they need to be good quality and in ear. It'd also be nice (although not essential) if they actually worked as hands free as well. Would I be better off just getting a 2.5mm->3.5mm converter and a semi decent normal set of earphones and just losing the hands free function? Cheers -How.
  10. Hi, Sorry to bring this back from the dead but the phone has started doing it again. Any ideas on a problem? Its not software. It must be a code or something for whats wrong with it. Cheers -How.
  11. Cheers I've now just done the hard reset - I will let you know how I get on. Like I said the problem seems to come and go. I will watch my phone carefully over the next week. I was hoping that the LED combo was a error code that would tell me what is what Thanks again -How.
  12. Hi, I've been having intermittent problems with my MDA Vario since Wednesday and I was looking for some help. I'm not sure how this problem had developed - nothing has happened to the phone it has not been dropped or got wet or anything to my knowledge. Anyway I first noticed it on Wednesday, at that point the problem was the "shutdown" pop up kept appearing on the screen, which after about 5 mins sorted it's self. Now it was iffy for the next hour and then it turned its self off. When I tried to turn it back on you go the tmobile screen then the device would vibrate and the power LED and connection LED would come on along with the other buttons and then it would turn itself off. The power LED would go red and the connection LED would go blue. This has happened again today and a few times since. Any idea what the problem is? Cheers -How.
  13. Yea thats sounds like the problem. I tried a hard reset and everything but no joy. Just now I typed a text message and now everything works fine - what the hell! Cheers anyway -How.
  14. Hi, I recently have had a problem with my phone. The thing is the sound has stopped working both the speaker and the microphone - however they work fine if you plug the handsfree in (threw it). Now I'm sure this happened once with my old smartphone and I got it back working as all that had happened was the phone had got stuck in handsfree mode. Any ideas on a fix? Cheers -How.
  15. I did not realise that it would take mp3s but the wav is in \windows\rings\ and like I said the wav is in the list of ring tones but if you select it you can not play it. -How.
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