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  1. Hehe, i wish i saw this last week. been using facebook to get pictures of my friends for my contacts and now i see i could have automated it. Pretty useful program i think.
  2. Hello, Now that i have my fabulous Kaiser, and recently developed a place in my heart for kubuntu i was wondering if it possible to syncronise with Kubuntu (linux) and how i would go about it? I would like to syncronise it with thunderbird. many thanks
  3. Yay! thanks chilled, im off to play :wub: :D :D
  4. I picked up my baby today from the post office. and what a beauty she is. Do i have to wait 3 hours during its first charge before i turn it on or can i turn it on now while its charging without diminishing its battery lifetime? many thanks,
  5. Just got off the phone from T-mobile. When i called she initially said (nicole) that they didnt have stock). i asked her to check as i had friends (you guys) who got some yesterday. the system then crashed and she promised to call me back. The deal i ended up getting was: £37.50 web n walk (18 months) + free evening and weekend calls. the phone cost me £70 which i think is reasonable. (p.s this is on a new contract) I am so damn excited. it feels like i have been waiting for almost ever for this phone...my vario i died 5 months ago and my aging (got it when it first came out too) c500 is on its last legs. R.I.P Vario, Long live the Vario III
  6. I have to say i am surprisingly impressed with the lobster. tv quality is watchable and the dab radio is fantastic. my much beloved vario died two weeks ago, and my trusty aging c500 now seems a little bland. hopefully now with everyone snapping up these lobsters, new innovations will start being developed (i.e full screen landscape tv). still haven't had a chance to check battery life, my house mate screwed up the initial charging period anyway when he tripped over a wire (allegedly). but i'm sure it'll b better than my 12 hour battery life on the Vario. This should hold me through until the smart phone of my dreams come through around june/july ok...i'm off to play with it....anyone know details on data charges with virgin? also...i topped up the 100 minutes but it only says i have 100....will it give me another 100 next month?
  7. It was the customer retentions team i spoke to. the upgrade office wasnt connecting for some reason. i made it perfectly clear that i was leaving and that he lost a customer, giving him plenty of chance to sweeten a deal...no luck ;)
  8. Just got off the phone to a T-mobile sales rep and i have to say my satisfaction with t-mobile is slowly declining. Ive had my wizard for 18 months now and today was upgrade day. An event I've been hotly anticipating for the last 2 months. when i phoned to see what price i could get on the Ameo i was quoted 120, which is what i was expecting and i thought considering i usually spend 60-80 a month on phone bills i would be able to negotiate this further. the sales rep said no, so i went to try and negotiate the price plan. no luck their either and infact he then informed me that the phone was 200 pounds. either im terrible at haggling or this sales rep is taking the mick. this, compounded with the fact that the last three month bills from t-mobile have been completely off and ive had to phone them to get them to correct it. i.e february's phone bill was 310 pounds, but in actual fact it should of only been 40 pounds. I am deeply disappointed with T-mobile. originally when i moved from orange with my C500 to t-mobile i was over the moon with the priceplan + free wizard...but now im at a loss. looks like someone else is gonna get my business. i hope the other providers soon stock the ameo, or perhaps its worth my while getting the vox instead...although i was really looking forward to 3G connectivity
  9. Well, ive now flashed my rom to the latest T-mobile rom....still not recognised. Any ideas before i return it?
  10. The one at the beginning of the post from BigPockets : 160x 2GB miniSD made by Datawrite
  11. ill try switching roms, ill let you know if it works
  12. thanks, I managed to format it using sp taskmanager but it still isn't recognised by the vario. when I put the card in the vario lights up. but no card is found :) any ideas?
  13. Well, my Vario doesnt seem to recognise it, My memory reader does not recognise it. however my SPV c500 does. is it possible to format it on the C500?
  14. Just ordered one. Hopefully it wont cause the same problems my old memory card caused (random rebooting etc).
  15. Just thought i would share with you all what ive recently used my MDA vario for. i recently purchased a 2.5mm to 3mm headphone adaptor for about
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