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  1. Mark...you are a lifesaver!!! Thank you so much! Worked perfectly via a microSD card! And yes the timing was perfect :o Thanks again SOOO much!
  2. Hi all...hope someone can help with this...it's drving me crazy and I'm running out of time. I have two HTC Touches (old and new) and I also have Sprite Backup. I used Sprite to copy everything over (including the 'Email' option), and all the SMS messages came with. Problem was the 5 other email accounts got completely messed up. 3 of the 5 don't show, and when I try to add them it says they alreay exist...plus the today screen still says 2 unread, but I can't get to whatever account has them. I reset the new Touch, and ran Sprite without email...everything looks good, but no SMS messages. I can add the email accounts fine, but is there something else (free) that will allow me to transfer over the SMS messages (about 2k+ of them), but nothing else? If there is no program to do it, does anyone know if I can connect the old one to a PC...find the actual files somewhere, copy them to the PC, then transfer them to the new Touch in the smae location to have them sho wup? Sorry for the novel...and sorry iof I posted in the wrong place! I have to return the old phone soon so as not to be charged, so any help thats quick is MUCH appreciated!
  3. tried that...deleted it in WMDC, but cant recreate the partnership since it doesn't see anything to partner with. :D
  4. hmmm....sadly no, it doesn't appear in my computer or network connections....its just really wierd, it's as if I haven't plugged anything into my laptop....vista just isn't seeing it at all :S arrrrrrrg!
  5. I'm going to snap! If anyone can help me, it would be MUUUUUCH appreciated!!!! I have an HTC Touch from Rogers. Connected it to my laptop (vista) and all was well for a couple months. About a month ago, it just stopped working one day. It appears my laptop will no longer recognize when I have plugged the phone in (although it does charge). I'm still able to sync via exchange thru wifi and via EDGE and GRPS, but it just wont recognize the connection on my laptop anymore. I've seen a few posts around about this, but none of the solutions in them have worked for me! I have tried all of the following: • Connecting via 3 different USB cables & 1 dock directly to USB port on laptop • Connecting via 3 different USB cables & 1 dock via USB Hub into laptop dock • On the Touch: Went to Settings > Connections > USB to PC and unchecked "enable advanced network functionality" • On the Laptop: Uninstalled and reinstalled WMDC • On the Laptop: Went to WMDC and then Mobile Device Settings > Connection Settings and ensured “Allow USB connections” is checked • On the Laptop: Went to WMDC and then Mobile Device Settings > Connection Settings and tried both (checked and unchecked) “Allow automatic device authentication” and “Allow data connections on device when connected to PC” AND NOTHING! Please, please, PLEASE can anyone help before I throw this thing against the wall!!!
  6. lol...you'd be right about the ROM thingy...considering I don't really know what that is! :D Anyway...thank you for the help! so, if I got this right...I need to get this Sprite Backup, and install it on my old phone. Then use it to create a self-extracting backup (I assume these are options I can choose in the program), and save it to microSD card. Move the card to the new phone...find the backup file, and just run it. and presto? hope so! :( Thanks again!!! Much appreciated!
  7. Long story short, I have a Touch with all my specific settings, programs, contacts (with pictures) and random data and files. I also have a new Touch. I'm looking to get everything from the first one over to the second one as quickly and easily as possible. Just moving the sim card and flash card wasn't even close to enough, so I have just put them back in the old phone for now and hard reset the new one. Any ideas and/or (free if possible) programs which could get everything? Settings are a big must....I hate and can barely remember all the specific settings I had and where they are. Thanks SOOOO much for any help!! :D
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