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  1. Did an evening's reading and got it unlocked easily. It had the latest rom, so I needed to submit the imei to orange who replied very quickly. That enabled me to de certify it using a reg editor. I then used the spv developers tool to sim unlock. Thanks Mark
  2. Hi there - I've just aquired a used SPV C600 which appears to be locked to Orange. When I put in the o2 sim I'd like to use I get "Network is locked. Please input unlock code" I've read most of the posts referring to unlocking this phone, and as far as I understand, the method I need to use will depend on what ROM version the phone is currenty running. If its an older Rom, then I may get away with editing the registry. However if its a newer rom then things seem a little more involved! Is there anyway of finding this out which rom I have, and possibly editing the registry with the phone in its present state? I can sucessfully connect with activesync and browse the phone, but I can't use the phone itself. Will I have to buy an Orange PAYG sim before I can get any further with this? Cheers Mark
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