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  1. Disable all antirvirus software. tier 3 support also said to check the windows firewall software that maybe that was the problem. He said without the two 4-digit codes, the Samsung software doesn't work right. I posted some followup notes at http://www.blackjack2.info/
  2. SOLVED. Samsung Tier 3 told me to disable all antivirus software on my system, so I closed ClamAV and disabled Norton, and the software worked just fine. He said several times that McAfee was especially notorious for screening executables while they were running and such. As soon as I disabled those and started up the software again, it prompted me for the two 4-digit codes, and away it went. Worked like a charm. Preliminary review of the whole ordeal is at http://blackjack2.info/ if anyone wants to check it out. I'm on hold right now getting through to Samsung Tier 3 support, but I'm curious whether anyone else has had this error message when following the upgrade instructions. When I get to Step Four, the Samsung ROM update software never prompts me for the two 4-digit codes, and when I reconnect my phone via USB, it gets to the second screen asking me to confirm that I've completed the steps above, and then gives me an error dialog saying "S/W version is wrong. Please check your device." and won't let me continue beyond that. I tried a factory reset of the phone, downloaded another copy of the WM61 .zip (for XP) and tried again, and still no love. Dialing *#1234# on the phone identifies it as an i617UCGK2 which I can't find any references to online. (searching for "UCGK2" on Google lists my unanswered post on the AT&T forums as the first match). Anyone have any ideas? I've been on hold getting through to Tier 3 support for about 20 minutes now.
  3. Er, Evolution connecting to my work's Exchange server, for a start. Plus looking for ways to connect to the BJ2's registry.
  4. Hey all, I've tried several approaches, but have been unable to connect my BJ2 successfully to linux, so thought I'd ask here. I've tried synce on Gentoo and Ubuntu with no luck, and several utilities on Ubuntu that are funambol-based but still have no luck connecting. I can connect the BJ2 as a storage device by setting the USB mode to "mass storage" but can't access the registry, etc. And "mass storage" mode only seems to browse my microSD storage card, not the main flash memory of the BJ2. Anyone know of any good tutorial sites?
  5. http://blackjack2.info/node/345
  6. After seeing your question here, I added some content to blackjack2.info on the very subject: http://blackjack2.info/node/383 I found places to change "My Documents", IE cache/cookies, and a few others. As for Email locations, I'll dig a little further and let you know what I find. Cheers, Ian Douglas
  7. 1. I've used my BJ2 under Vista, but it's a little more streamlined than in XP. Under Vista, my BJ2 shows up under My Computer as a new device. Within it, I see two folders, "\" and "Storage Card" (2GB microSD). Sync'ing files doesn't seem to use the MS ActiveSync software like my XP systems use; I simply open the "\" folder, or "Storage Card" folder, and drag and drop the files I want on/off the BJ2, and Vista does the rest. 2. To use GPS in TeleNav, yes, you have to pay AT&T an extra $9.99/month. Waste of money, if you ask me, considering you can get Google Maps for free and it uses the built-in GPS just fine. Maybe you don't get pretty screens saying "turn left ahead", but it looks and feels just like Google Maps in your desktop browser and includes traffic overlays, satellite mode, and so on. 3. Battery Life ... I find if I have an app using the GPS and LCD constantly (like Google Maps), then yes, battery life is abysmal. My wife purchased a car charger for me for Christmas, and I also have an external USB-enabled battery pack that charges the phone when I don't have my car or a computer handy.
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