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  1. Anybody tried any good pocket pc appcs that work on windows mobile 5. I have got skype running, and it is very good, just wondering if there were any more you recommend! Cheers
  2. Sorted, work a treat! free international calls from my phone Brill Thans all
  3. Hey guys, maybe one of you can help, I have been tring to install skype (the pocket pc version) on my samrtphone - Qtek 8310. I cannot get it to install, I def have the wifi version, I have tried it from both the pc, and using the cab file on the phone. Just says not intented for this device I have also tried the hacked version on here, with no luck, same error message as everyone else gets. Has andone managed to install the pocket pc version, and is so how? Thanks
  4. Thanks for you help, my phone needed decerting, but all is sorted not. I'm a very happy bunny! Cheers
  5. I'm affraid I need you help again, I tried to run it, and is says, if cannot install as the programme does not have sufficient permisions! Any suggestiong?
  6. Thank you so much mr kipling, you are a gent. I will try it now!
  7. Please could you upload the O2 cab file for the SP5, I am having the same trouble setting up my qtek 8310, and cannot access the data from the i mate site, as I do not have an imate sp5 imei number! This would be brilliant, as I assume it would work on my 8310, being the same phone. p.s I'm on contract, not pay as you go if you can get it Thanks
  8. I am trying to find a guide to setting up my Qtek 8310 for mms etc on the 02 network. I have seen that there is a cab file for the Imate SP5 that would work, but all the links I have found for this file have not worked. Does anybody know where I could get such a cab file? or know where I can get the settings to enter manually? I have looked on the setting part of the site, but they all seem for the old windows mobile operating system format. Thanks in advace people
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