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  1. Ooooh, my poor overworked back. It may be a sign of age but my extensor muscles are giving me no end of grief. Time for a new computer chair methinks. To that end I've been thinking about what kind of chair would be the best. I find myself using the computer for work related stuff (up close and personal to the computer desk and keyboard) and watching DVDs (I have a Spinal Tap Drummer curse as far as standalone DVD players are concerned). With that in mind I have been searching for a chair that has wheels and can recline. If it has built in speakers, all the better! But that ain't necessary. I'd be happy with some sort of reclining computer chair. Would anyone have any experience in this matter? ;)
  2. I would like to allow certain people to be able to create their own pages within the template of my website. Ideally I would like a rich text editor (something similar to the editor I'm using to type this message) that allows pictures to be uploaded to the server and then displayed. The code to display the page would then be saved in my MySQL database for me to code into the template. Does anyone know of (a preferably free) online editor I can incorporate into my website template? Even something like eBay's auction page creation facility would be good.
  3. The Pulsar 590 works perfectly with my Vario II. I can now securely listen to my PC using the headphones and when a call comes in on my phone I can instantly use the headset to answer the call. Also all the buttons (forward/backward play/pause) work with Mortplayer.
  4. After further research I'll think I'll get myself a Plantronics Pulsar 590. A little on the expensive side but they might even double as A2DP headphones is I can get them working with my Vario II. Don't think I'll be wearing them on the street through.
  5. My wireless headphones are great! I can listen to my PC from the bottom of the garden (and probably much further). The only problem is that I might as well have my own pirate radio station considering it's broadcasting to anyone within range that has the correct equipment (wireless RF headphones). I picked up someone else's trasmittion the other day that got me thinking. Can anyone recommend any wireless headphones that use encryption?
  6. PocketLAN for making network folders, wake on LAN and general IP configging. Great for the built in WIFI.
  7. Seems to be working without any major problems on my Vario II though I'm just using the cascading menu.
  8. A slide-out keyboard! Where??? :D Hehe, only joking. :D I can't touch type on the slide out keyboard so I only use it for messaging and the internet. When I'm at work it's far more convenient and quicker to have a full sized keyboard.
  9. PocketDivX Encoder is quite easy to work with.
  10. All I did was leave my PC as it was and plug in my Vario II, made a new partnership and everything synced as usual. If you have unsyncable files on the M500 just copy them onto your PC using Explore in Activesync, plug in you Vario II and copy them from your PC to activesync using the explorer button again.
  11. Couldn't find drivers for the Stowaway keyboard, so sent an email to ThinkOutside and received the following reply. Just in case anyone was wondering. :D
  12. Would something like Sprite Backup be of any use?
  13. Sorry, wasn't being clear. When the case is closed, of course. I was thinking about cutting a miniusb-sized hole in the bottom of the case to allow connection. Going to have to find a sharp instrument considering the quality of the leather is not bad.
  14. MobyMemory.com do compatibility charts for each make and model of storage card. I'm sure they'll be able to help if you give them a call.
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