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    Dump Q9c ROM?

    Look here: http://www.everythingq.com/forum/moto-q-9c...-rom-20937.html
  2. Actually though, other than the better camera, why did you choose a Samsung over a Motorola, and especially a PDA ???? I used to work for AT&T until recently, and I can tell you Samsungs had FAR more random, weird, trouble than did Motorola. Motorola's had their problems yes, but it was always the same problem multiple times. Samsung was just crazy. Plus, Motorola phones are generally MUCH more customizable than Samsung phones. However, WM6 limits some of this. But still, my roommate has a BJ II because he still works for AT&T, and can attest to my Q9h running circles around it. Motorola also has MUCH better signal, at least on AT&T. That has never been in question, except for some older Nokia candy bar phones, those are by far the best signal phones ever made on a North American GSM network. Sorry if it sounded like a sales pitch. But if you can get over the wideness of the phone, you should find the keys and the general robustness of the phone to be a welcomed improvement. Plus, it seems that the GPS is working much better on these phones =)
  3. Don't be. First of all, it doesn't report towers. Which means I don't get any credit for finding towers. Aside from the rewards, it sucks that I can't help map out the area, especially when the GPS shows me as active and tracks me in the maps. It might as well not work. I have Google Maps and WLS for my position, and they work well locking up now that I have the Windows utility. And second, ever since it worked like a champ the first time, it crashes almost all the time now. I will need to post on the Navizon forum about that. Its pretty bad, makes it almost unusable now. Even when it doesn't, it takes about 2-3 mins to crash.
  4. So I've returned. And here are my results: I used COM 1 for program port, Hardware none. 9600 Baud rate. I set these using the GSPID Windows Utility. I rebooted. Then I set the Navizon to COM 1 (it now said "ActiveDevice" where it said "?" before). It worked like a charm. It started reporting my position based on my GPS location. I finally got the 2 to lock up, thanks to setting it to COM 1. However, it did not report ANY towers. From Paul's and others other posts (albeit with other phones), it seems that even if you find a tower that has already been found, you get the credit still. However, this was not the case for me. After reviewing the coverage maps on Navizon, I noticed that I drove in both areas with "located" towers and stretches of freeway that did NOT have a tower for miles around it. This, if nothing else, PROVES that I should have located towers, but did not. So either something is still wrong with the GPS settings or the program itself. I believe its the program itself. It seems to crash quite a bit and everything else is working just fine with the GPS. I will post in the Navizon forums about my testing. Oh yes, I had GPS Test running the whole time, and it wasn't the signal. I had the green light running 95% of the time.
  5. Never mind Paul. I was using the OLD SCHOOL Com 5 hack. I saw that you updated and made a COM 3 hack. I will install, and install GPS Test 1.0.4, and go for a drive and see if I can get Navizon to pick up the signal. Everything else works. Thanks for your response. I see how many threads you are actually active in, and how helpful you are. Hats off to you. Us Q9h users would be lost without you.
  6. Well maybe I have the older hack or something then. Can you direct to said hack ???? I tried a quick search and couldn't find anything.
  7. After reading nearly every post, I have come to the conclusion: Dangelica and I are in the same boat. I have an AT&T Q9h. I use Google Maps and WLS, and they pick up my GPS using the "Intermediate Driver" set up by the Windows Mobile OS. There is however no option for that on Navizon and I can't get the settings to work for it. I have the Modaco hack for the Blackjack that also worked for Q9's that sets the COM port to 4 or 5 or whatever, but I dont want to use it. It drains battery like crazy. Ironically, when I used to use it, it actually made it work with the Intermediate Driver instead. Don't think it actually ever worked on a COM port anyway. Anyway, I can acquire GPS signal on BOTH Google Maps and WLS, but it won't pick up position in Navizon, even while concurrently running them, while leaving only Navizon on, whatever. Does anyone know the correct settings for a WM6 device ???? Or more specifically, a Q9h ???? I tried the suggestions you folks posted for Dangelica, none of it worked. It didn't even light the GPS icon green with those settings. I've managed to get the light to turn green, but it still doesn't recognize any positions. Can anyone help me out ???? I have a "Navizon" thread started on EverythingQ, so anything you post here I'll gladly relay to them, and vice versa. Please help. I'd like to start mapping places around my home and letting my friends download the program so they can all have "GPS" too =)

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