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  1. not_sure

    No news in the month of march?

    Is it me or is there no activty in the windows world. Is march a quiet month or somthing. Come on Modaco news ppls tell us something new. Or are you all on holiday
  2. not_sure

    Don't Buy an Omnia !!!

    see mr jjordan, i told yeah that people like this phone B) . Not for me personal but thanks for starting an intersting debate. Im looking forward to the Diamond 2 everything the omni should be......................IMO.................LOL l
  3. not_sure

    Don't Buy an Omnia !!!

    Never had an ommni, so wouldnt comment on all you said but would agree with you on some points. I just dont get why they dont use a standard mini usb port for charging and data. For that reason alone I wouldnt touch this phone. Some of your other issuses might be cured with a rom update. Mind you there are alot of people on here who would swear by this phone.
  4. I was considering getting a touch hd but now i see that the damond 2 is almost similar in spec to the HD im having a change of thought. I cant see that there is much difference: hd is slightly thinner, slightly bigger screen and a 3.5 jack. Diamond 2 is smaller so more practical to carry as a phone and PLUS at 400 pounds a fifth cheap (if expansys are anything to go by)for me this seems like a deal maker. Just curious to see what other people think. Plus can anyone give me a good explanaion as to why HTC dont equip good cameras and flashs to their products cos i ait seen one yet?
  5. not_sure

    Server Move

    not at the mom. just waiting for tom and jerry B)
  6. not_sure

    modaco and walt disney

    not yet, any chance of mickey mouse B)
  7. not_sure

    Server Move

    oh ic like daisy duck. Couldnt get on to the news page looks like walt disney have taken over B)
  8. I have had problems getting on to the main page of modaco, everytime i do i get a picture of daisy duck. Anyone else having the same problem????
  9. Orange have also annouced that they are going to do the touch HD http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/show/handset...ail/pay_monthly
  10. ok, thanks for the info, yes it seems like they are delaying it for some reason. ;)
  11. I cant answer your query as i havent seen one yet ;) . But what i did want to know was that the vario iv or touch pro you looked at ?
  12. not_sure

    Which phone for me?

    The samsung looks nice but they regular update their models, have you considered the nokia n96 it should be out by the shortly
  13. Hello, expansys have a video link which shows this phone having dual sim facilities. Can any one else confirm that this please. http://www.expansys.com/video.aspx?id=1445&i=169615
  14. not_sure

    HTC Raphael vs Samsung i900

    The i900 is the more stylish of the two phones:Bigger screen ,better camera, a reviewed better battery life. On the down side lower res screen and the fact that samsung are relativley new to windows mobile so they are still an undefined quantiy. The touch pro seems to be a better all round phone: keyboard, mini USB, built on previous experience: hermes, tytn..etc. Also HTC is to WM what Microsoft is to PCs, so there experiecne is greater. Downside is screen size( compared to the i900) and no 3.5 mm jack. Im sure there are other more detailed compare and contrast on the web, but my point is the i900 is definately the more stylish whilest the touch pro is is probably has more substance. Finally some news about its release (touch pro), bout time :D .
  15. not_sure

    Touch Pro Coming Soon on Vodafone

    Thats got to be more than 3 strikes. Its obvious that the touch pro is a more powerful device all round whilest the diamond wins on form factor due to its thiness. Bythe way does anybody know if the Uk touch pro will work in North America ?

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