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  1. sorry for that stupid question... hehehe i didnt read the instructions properly hehehehe... im trying it out now... sana gumana
  2. pssst pzee tanong lng ako sa pag unlock ng sap, ung procedures na binigay ni nextmint paano maginstall ng new rom. ndi ko ksi maintindihan ung last step and saan ako makakakuha ng winHEX or rom editor
  3. nid help, ndi ko ma uninstall ung programs na download ko dinilete ko ksi magisa eh, tpos ndi ko ma reinstall ung files na dinilete ko manualy.
  4. wala ako pera pang painom mahal ng charge sa brightpoint jst for the power button i hve 2 pay 2k php!!!! 2k php parang bumili ako ng bagong cellphone!!!!! anyway got my phone back hehehe bket ako naging hot seat????? bat ako lagi pinagtritripan nyo???? grrrrr.....
  5. san ung brightpoint thread pa post ung link hehehe
  6. any1 here has a shop???? my spv got broken the power button got busted nid help post the address of the shop and how much i the repair would cost thnx sorry tagal ko nawala hehe sira ksi phone ko
  7. @pzee post ka nga ng example bat ako walang star ung name ko newbie parin tagal ko na nag join sa modaco newbie prin bat ganun. pe pa lagay ng star sa name ko pzee thnx
  8. waaaa bday ko last july22 pa waaaaa fake ung cnabi nila!!! sorry sa late reply hehehe
  9. hmmm nawala lng ako parang pinag tripan na ako!!!!! puro cass kayo jan !!!!!!!! paki explain nga bkit puro cass sinasabi nyo grrrrrr... ndi ako SPAMe!!! nasira lng phone ko ako na tira nyo sama nyo nmn skin anyways nasira ung power buton ko waaaaaaaaaa!! im tryin to upgrade it to spv2 sana pwede hehe
  10. ei pa invite rin po [email protected] i've been waiting for it since last yr. finaly. maganda daw yan dba and bigger ung storage!
  11. hmmmm. intro of the megalomaniac of incubus.. can you cut it, most of the file is to big so im trying to get the good part only. hehehe
  12. i downloaded the game but i dont know how to make it work on my SAP. :oops: :cry: :?:
  13. nid help!!! pano mag delete ng theme paki post nlng
  14. yeah dope wars cant wait!! go go go go go go go go go :wink:
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