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  1. thank you so much for your help building that for me. you have no idea how much i appreciate it. thank you and everyone else that helped out.
  2. can someone tell me where the error is here. i cant get this thing to work and need some insite.
  3. i just want to make sure that this is the correct code. if someone could check it for me and tell me if i made any mistakes in it. thank you
  4. I need someone to tell me if this is possible. What i'm trying to do is: make a registry file in the form of a .cab install file, that when installed would automaticly change all the reg keys without going through and changing them 1 by 1, much like you would in windows xp. is this possible? I need to know if I can do this. I have to do about 6-10 reg tweaks on almost 500 different AT&T tilts. Please help or direct me to a website that might know. Thank you James
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