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  1. Sorry for not being here for a while :) I've bought a new Android phone so wasn't paying attention to the other (older) threads but I found a backup which can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/?2lykmiuz63el1xr enjoy! :)
  2. Seems like unfortunately this part of Modaco isn't really active anymore... too bad... Anywayz... did anyone try the latest 360 retail rom build 17397 (from May 31, 2011) by any chance, I didn't find any post from it here which was posted recently, it seems more responsive and faster (see http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Dell_Streak). Unfortunately no Gingerkrad icon update yet... Krad??!? :)
  3. Apparantly SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 is the old (beta) version and they renamed it to SPB Shell 3d (build 1.01) found some various builds. Some don't start at all some get a license error after a while but when it does work it's great and way better then the previous 5.0 (beta build). After the license error the program removes itself from the launchers and it can't be run anymore until you reinstall it.
  4. SPB Shell 3D didn't seem to work on my Streak aswell but SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 (build 4365) does but had some FC's. Does anyone know a better build for the Streak?
  5. Tnx but both seem to work fine on the original 345 build actually... Only problem I had with Asphalt 6 the accelerometer movements are way too smooth no matter what you select in the settings but works ok when using the onscreen buttons I'll try a bit later and test this version maybe it's fixed here...
  6. Btw... did anyone try the Dell Streak 7 dock already on the Dell Streak? Unfortunately it's only available on the US (Dell.com) site (not in the UK or Holland), but the design looks a lot better. Review 1 and 2.
  7. I've added a different dock for alternate icon spacing. So in case it just doesn't look good try the 2nd one or below: and this one:
  8. go into the main settings then UI settings. Go to dock and/or hidden dockbar and change the background dock from there.
  9. Tnx :D I'm using 6 icons myself in the hidden dockbar so it kinda fits better. In the ADW settings you can change the "main dock" (and the "hidden dockbar") with this image and choose between 3, 5 or 1 icons in the settings, if you choose 5 it fits perfectly between the 2 side bars.
  10. Since it's a theming section aswell I would like to share the icon dock/bar I made. It's inspired by the HTC Flyer but looks great on the Streak. Cz there are not many usable images around of the device I had to use my own skills but it's not half that bad :D Well hope you like it... You can use it with ADW Launcher (ex) or Launcher Pro or probably other launchers aswell... Leave some comments in case you like it or not... The middlepart is transparant and opaque so it should display the behind background like the real thing. I just left the separaters/deviders out cz I think it looks cleaner like this but in case you want I can upload these variations aswell. My Streak is not yet rooted so can't make a screenshot (didn't find a good app without being rooted) but feel free to post a screenshot of the dock here please!!! To get the clock I suggest "Fancy Widget Pro" with the "H7C Clock" skin which makes it look like the same screen! Original: HTC Flyer 'inspired' Dock: Background: UPDATED 25-03-2011: Newer version for alternate icon spacing: and this one:
  11. Yeh probably there's an update coming soon. Since today my notification bar keeps saying there's a software update available but when the page opens it says I have the latest version (I'm on 318 still). I saw the 'newer' 340 version (locked to AT&T) but didn't see the 'official' 341 (2.2.2) yet (just as separate nandroid files).
  12. Yeh did some research and saw that only "Tata DOCOMO" (india) is still locked (dunno the baseband) on the Dell Streak and only T-Mobile (untill now) will have the Dell Streak 7 locked... but might be wrong bout that.
  13. isn't this build Streak_322_12947_11.pkg locked to some provider, probably in Hong Kong then? 00 = UNLOCKED/NO PROVIDER 11 = ?? 21 = O2 31 = ATT Any screenies already?
  14. I've seen the Galaxy tab email client which has been ported to the Streak but do you guys think it's possible to port the videocall/dial app aswell somehow??? The newer Android 2.3 will have a new SIP call feature but haven't seen this working yet on any Streak or did anyone see this already? I guess there are lots of ppl wanting this feature which should have been there already by default. I know Fring can do this (but you'll need skype credits to call a normal line) and skype has audio only working (and also needs skype credits for normal lines) and videostream doesn't work at the moment so maybe it will work maybe not what do you think? Can you port this or help us with this?
  15. The home screen looks like the (free) "go weather" app but then in 3d... but ofcourse it could also be the opposite or just the same company who made it.
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