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  1. Also, on the phone, just tap and hold the magnifying glass. Then say "Call <contact name>" or "Call <###-###-####>" Not hands-free, but no searching/scrolling/typing to make the call either.
  2. I, too, came from the Omnia i910.. I can also say that I have already tailored a small tux, and the Incredible will be my best man at my wedding (one day).. If you're thinking about it; stop thinking and GET IT before.. um.. well, I guess take your time if you need to, because it will still be incredible!!!
  3. XDA has a nice thread going on this (at work and too lazy, i mean busy, to find it right now) including progress and how we can help.
  4. Found this on a facebook fan page, highly recommend it (From the Incredibles, lol...) QR Code:
  5. Thanks guys. Btw: I highly recommend the incredible :huh:
  6. I've used sportypal for nearly 2 years (first on WM) and now on Android. It is by far THE best tracking app out there! I recommend it to anyone that likes to see their progress over time and have an accurate way to track themselves. It's incredible.
  7. +1 I replaced my Samsung Omnia (WM6.5) With this and haven't regretted it one bit. Would love to have a subforum for it.
  8. Well, as I'm sure most of you know, I've been kinda gone from the forums.. Yesterday, my HTC Incredible arrived. I just wanted to thank everyone on WM for the time, it's been fun, but now I'll be over in the Android section :huh:
  9. Change activesync to allow USB connections, and then connect your phone. In Win7 (not a VM) let it download and install the i910 drivers and then let Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) open. Just click "Don't register" and "continue un-configured or whatever the option is. Then go ahead and disconnect your phone, and change activesync back to not allow USB connections, and try flashing with UMDL again.
  10. Are you referring to removing Titanium? That is easy enough; I do it in my own personal build since I use Mobile Shell or sometimes M2Dv2
  11. Just repeat the procedure, it just didn't finish completely. Also, make sure activesync's connection setting is changed to NOT allow USB connections, otherwise it won't work either (activesync should NOT open during the flash procedure)
  12. As far as I know, JTAG only ever worked on the i900. Maybe try to see if you can get an i900 driver to load and recognize your phone and then see if JTAG will do anything for you.
  13. Your patience is admirable, lol... So when applying the screen protector, you actually spray the side of the protector that makes contact with the phone itself?
  14. Just save the pics to your storage card...?
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