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  1. Hello all. I downloaded and installed Pauls updated com3 cab and the gpsid cab for my Moto q9h then used gpstest to dial in the gps and I am on the dance floor! so a quick breakdown; 1. gps test works it locked in (be patient it takes a while) 2. I have no gps logo and can still see the the vibrate icon 3. I then tried google maps and it locked on my location 4. I rebooted my phone 5. Could not use google maps straight away. 6. rerunning gps test got a lock. 7. ran google maps and I am back in business So here is the question..can I make a change to get google maps to run straight away? Will report back regarding battery drain. BTW...Thanks Paul for a great site and all your hard work with these cab files. Truly awesome!!
  2. WOW! Thanks so much for this! Great post. This needs a sticky.

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