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  1. So, people keep on contacting me about how to find the LCD on ebay. Just do a global ebay search for "blackjack LCD". By doing just that, I found the following: http://cgi.ebay.com/Samsung-SGH-i617-Black...id=p3286.c0.m14 Its gonna run you about $70, and the guy has 25 of them. Here's the link to his store. http://myworld.ebay.com/gototallywireless/ Good luck Jesse
  2. Jesseb

    cracked LCD and window screen

    You should try opening it up once again, before giving up. Have a look at the attached pictures, hopefully they can help you. I'm subscribed to this thread. if you have any more Q's just post here. Jesse
  3. Jesseb

    Blackjack II Tips - POST HERE!

    Anyone know how to set up repeating notification? My old RAZR would keep notifing me when I missed a SMS, call or Voice mail. With the BJII the only way to know if you missed something (like in a noisy environment) is to constantly check the thing.
  4. Jesseb

    cracked LCD and window screen

    I made a replacement procedure and posted it to the BJII topic. http://www.modaco.com/content/samsung-i617...ment-procedure/ I was able to repair mine without any complications. Enjoy.
  5. In a moment of shear frustration, I made a bad decision and my BJII took a shot to the face. The Lens and LCD were both broken. I couldn't find any documentation about how to replace the screen, so I decided to create it myself. Attached you will find a PDF document covering the procedure to replace the LCD in the Blackjack 2. Time required: less than 1 hour Items required: Very small Philips and Standard screw drivers. Replacement parts. Tweezers. Pin/Needle. I found both pieces (LCD and Lens) on Ebay, and paid less than $70 for both (about half of 2 years of insurance). There were several suppliers for the Lens but only one for the LCD (http://stores.ebay.com/PerfectESell). If you have any difficulties, or notice any inaccuracies, feel free to PM/contact me. SGH_i617_LCD_Replacement_procedure.pdf
  6. Jesseb

    USB tethering for BJII?

    You guys are gods! I found this thread while on WiFi, but this relpy was sent using the tether on my BJII.
  7. I just got my BJII yesterday and was instantly disgusted by AT&T wanting another $10 a month to use the GPS in my phone. I was able to install and use google maps after I made a few key learnings. I have only used the cab file in the first post of this thread and google maps automatically installed from thier website. How to get Gmaps working: 1. put the cab in to your sync folder somewhere easy. I made a folder called "programs" and put the file in there. 2. sync the phone. 3. Install the file. You have to use the file browser to find and run it, you can not use the "my stuff" browser. Start > Applications > File Explorer. highlight the file and click it (center of the wheel) to install. 4. I resarted the phone, but it may not be nessesary. 5. Use Internet Explorer (came on the phone, to navigate to "google/m/products" 6. scroll down to maps(download) 7. allow it to install 8. run the GPS config utility (installed by the first cab) -Use the normal settings as described in this thread Program Port: Com4 Hardware Port: None Baud Rate: 38400 Checked "Manage Automatically" 9. run the google maps program now in the start menu 10 go to the GPS config in the gmaps options menu. I choose "set maually" and input the same GPS settings as the config utility. click OK. 11. select "Use GPS" from the Gmaps menu. done! you should see a little thing at the top that says "initializing GPS", moments later you'll see "GPS Active (X). X is the number of satilites you are recieving, I get 5 within 15 seconds.

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