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  1. does twitter work for you? it always says something like "unable to connect at the moment...try again later"...
  2. Sorry for my poor technical knowledge, but I have an important question (for me :) ): technical specifications of b7610 seems to be sufficient for a perfect working android system, because if I compare them with other phones like Samsung Galaxy Next (S5770) or LG Optimus Life (P350) that both run android smoothly, I see for all these 3 phones 600MHz cpu, 256mb ram and so on, that means, theorically, that even our OmniaPro could do the same, so: if some day android for b7610 will be completely working (wifi, bt and so on).. would it be possible to install it as rom/firmware? I mean installing it in the phone's rom as the only operating system wiping out windows mobile, so that it would be as faster as possible?
  3. Thanks... it works. However I never used the cmupdate***.targ.gz in my storage 'cause it never worked for me. I always uncompress manually the files (computer in ubuntu, phone in windows mobile), and I say this is always the best method. Even in this cause, update procedure has been ultra-fast. It worked early, without waiting a single minute
  4. how to install the new googleplay ( wich is the update of the "market")? i need it 'cause some applications are missing in the old market
  5. Pdanet works, but it's a software tethereing. I'd like to enable tethering by phone (by settings), but if I try to enable that menu it always says me "usb not connected" (it's useful for a possible reverse tethering as centodue said)
  6. Does tethering work? After plugging-in usb and then activating tethering it says something like "usb not connected"
  7. This is for "normal" tethering, connection from phone to pc. But, is there a way to make reverse tetheting? (from pc to phone?)
  8. 2 Questions: 1) Finally I found a way to save my logcat, and see what's wrong with my camera, in the attached file. I don't know why, but camera started only one time while I was doing this try. Then closed, run again and does'nt work anymore. 2) Wi-Fi is very important, even with data plan, because is some countries like Italy data plans are very expensive and not flat, so, is there a way to make reverse tethering? not normal tethering where phone is giving data to computer, but the opposite, when computer gives data to phone connected by usb logcat.txt
  9. rev updates must be installed all? or in some order? or just the last available? i'm still on rev95
  10. Before flashing and lossing all my programs, settings, etc.... I have this rom "[GER/WWE][FULL/ULTRA] WM" in my specific case: WWE Ultra is it good?
  11. is it possible that not all b7610 have the same camera sensor/chip? maybe there are more revision? maybe in different countries there are slightly different models? or am I speaking like a fool? :)
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