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  1. Gargoyle117

    Still using your Q9h?

    I've been using a Q9h since before it was released (almost 3 years now). I have loved the phone, but I am finally making the upgrad to an Android phone. I might keep the Q9h around as my second phone though. You can't beat the keypad (best in class) or the GPS softwares that I have on there. I really wish there were a worthy successor to the Q9's.
  2. Gargoyle117

    Screen Problem

    The old one would just peel off. Be careful though, there is a glass lens beneath the plastic coating. You don't want to accidentaly break that and damage your LCD beneath. As long as your new part comes with fresh adhesive (wich it should, but there's no gaurentee w/ stuff like this), you can clean off the old adhesive and put the new one right on. If the new one does not have adhesive, you'll never get a very good seal. My screen gets scratched a lot, but I tend to just replace the whole front housing. Finally I've just gotten around to using screen protectors.
  3. Gargoyle117

    Q9 GPS Question

    I know that the GPS on the Q9h is not normally assigned to a COM port. There are cab files which can assign the GPS to a COM port, but I believe that leaves it on 100% of the time (which you would want if your phone was stolen, but not otherwise). I am not sure if there are cab files to switch the GPS back to factory defaults. As far as I have seen, any program which looks for a COM port for a GPS device does not work on the Q9h. I may be wrong on this, but it is my experience after messing around with several phones (only about half of which worked with Google Maps GPS).
  4. I don't know how Vista and Active Sync work together, but I do know how it works with the computers I use and XP. When you plug in either a Q9h or Q9m, it dsables the Wireless Network card of the laptop (no idea why this happens, but it is very annoying if you are using the internet that way). It does not find an internet connection from my phone (which I do have). I have to use a CAB file which eneables Internet Connection sharing from my phone. My computer will then find it as a modem and it works properly. You may wish to try that route with Vista.
  5. Gargoyle117

    Video Playback

    I use Core Media Player to play videos. It is well worth the investment. I use "Allok 3GP PSP MP4 iPod Converter" to convert the videos to 320x240 Divx or Xvid. Make sure to tick the box for "Add Letterbox to Keep Aspect". You can use whatever bitrate suits your fancy. This combination produces excelent, crisp and smooth (most of the time) video that I greatly enjoy watching on my Q9h.
  6. Gargoyle117

    Moto Q9h & WiFi ... Possible by REG Hacking?

    The Q9h does not have WiFi. They did have a WiFi version ready to ship out the door, but they canceled it. I'm not entirely sure why, but it may have had something to do with sales frigures of the Q9h and projected sales for the WiFi version. From what I hear, it drains the battery like mad. The European version of the Q9h does not have GPS (as far as I can tell). The US version of the Q9h does have GPS. That and banding are the singificant differences between the Euro and US versions.
  7. Gargoyle117

    Why is the GPS so slow?

    Mine can catch that many satellites, but it does take quite some time. Probably about 5 minutes in some cases. I tend to use google maps to jump start the GPS then go into MotoNav and use it from there. It seems to boot a bit faster with Google Maps, or at least I know it's trying to acquire a signal there.
  8. I use Fring (a free app), which combines several instant messenging protocols, including Skype. I believe it does MSN as well. Other friends of mine use Agile Messenger (which is not free) to great success. If you want to use pure skype, choose the Skype for VDA, that seems to work best on my Q9h, but I have barely used it, since I liked Fring better.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion Mikeeey. I changed the folder name on my storage card and still no luck. I double checked that I have all the files. I am using the shareware version of Duke for the Duke3D.grp, but that should not make a difference. I've run Doom on here before and was dying to play Duke. It's really annoying that I can't get this to work when other owners of the phone seem to have little or no problem. Anyone else with an idea? Thanks
  10. I've just installed the application on my smartphone (Q9h). I placed it in "Storage Card/Duke3D" and coppied all the files required for the game. I also placed the music files in thier directory on the Storage Card. When I run spvDuke3D.exe, it never loads the game, but gives me an error instead. There is a lot of information in the error, so I will copy some of it here: Technical Information Process: spvDuke3d.exe Module: coredll.dll Data Abort: Thread=8a75d640 Proc=863e2ca0 'spvDuke3d.exe' There's more after that, but some how I am guessing the exact details do not matter. I have tried it with UsingGapi set to 1 and 0. I have Landscape set to 1, since it is a landscape device. I have the music and sound set to 13, so I do not have to worry about them slowing down the game. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be. Thanks

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