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  1. i've had my new one for a week now and the other day I noicted that my two halfs wernt fitting together then closed, I can push them together by like 1mm which is worrying me too!
  2. Hi everyone! I am sat with my brand new touch dual right now hating the orange homescreen! How do I get the nice HTC homescreen, the one with the clock and whether and all that! If I cant get I am going to send me phone back because I really hate the Orange one. please help me out, I really like the phone!
  3. Hey Everyone! I should be getting my new Dual Touch tomorrow!!!! Can anyone tell me if I can use the 3.5G on the phone so I can use it to surf on my laptop? If so how would I do it?
  4. Hey! I want to get a HTC Dual from Orange and was wondering about this OWA? First could I use my HTC phone as a modem for my laptop? I undertand this would not be allowed by Orange. Is the unlimited E & WKEND good?
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