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  1. Can I just make a mildly off-topic point... his name is TheLoanRanger i.e. TLR not TotalRequestLive or TRL... Thank you and good night... p.s I found this rom to be quite slugish, I've moved down to one of Dutty's now
  2. Did anyone encounter any issues with this ROM and the progs I detailed earlier?
  3. I forgot to add Opera Mobile on to that list of software!
  4. Would be the recent coreplayer that doesn't stutter and skip like a bugger on the Kaiser :D
  5. I'm thinking of flashing this on my new Kaiser, but before I do, I was wondering whether you lovely people on here can answer a few questions for me. Do I gain much over the stock T-Mobile UK rom? Will it have any problems with any software (I know about the skype thing, does Fring work?) The main software I'll be using is Coreplayer, GSPlayer, PocketPutty, Windows Live Search Mobile, Funambol Connector. If all this is fine, I'll be flashing it.
  6. Any chance you could comment on the video capabilities, i.e. how is the UI, video playback. esp compared to Tytn 2. I was looking at getting a vario 3, but if this remedies some of the issues from that (laggy UI, crappy video) I'll definitely get one, I can tolerate the ugly!! All I'm looking for is a phone/pda with: 1) GPS 2) A decent screen 3) Keyboard 4) Wifi 5) HSDPA/HSUPA 6) Decent video playback It'll kind of be a baby laptop for me, I've just moved and my commute has gone up 10 fold, so I need something to do on the trip, so if you can find anything that might ruin those features I'd be interested to know!
  7. My current contract is just coming up for renewal, and I'd like to move to a more data oriented device, essentially so I can keep in touch with my work out and about. I'd looked at getting a kaiser on t-mobile, but with the current video issues, I'm reluctant to do so, as I've heard it affects more than just video playback. Are there any other phones/pda type things out there I should look at, or are the video issues not that bad with normal apps. I could get a separate video device for video playback. The main things I'm interested in are (in order of preference) 1) Default phone features (actual phone calls, SMS etc) 2) Data (must be 3G really, preferably HSDPA) 3) Connectivity (Bluetooth/USB) 4) GPS (I could get a separate BT receiver, but I'd only lose it :)) 5) Video (I'm going to be taking a few longish flights soon, I'd like some video playback to entertain, but I could get a separate device for that) Any advice would be appreciated... like I say the Kaiser devices (Tytn2 etc) would be perfect but the issues with video drivers and HTC's, well, less than helpful attitude are making me wary!

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