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  1. awarner Thanks for the reply and the links. I had previously Googled for WM7 apps but that’s the one site that didn’t turn up. Searched for some key words on the site but nothing there that would interest me; although it’s a shame that the apps aren’t grouped by way of category. I would be interested if anyone has tried http://www.telenavshop.co.uk/section.php/7...-mobile-sat-nav ; does it really work with WM7? Lets hope that when Mango comes out later this year (or the hyped NoDo? next month) there will be some vast improvements to WM7. (Currently one page of my site relies on Silverlight and of course MS have not yet enabled it in WM7.) In the meantime has anyone established how to remove the “features apps” and the annoying tiles from HTC’s weather/hub as it just looks like an advertising hording at present? For what it’s worth here are a few links http://www.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-u...p7/default.aspx & http://www.htc.com/us/support/hd7-tmobile/help/ although most of the category headings are blank. Morelli
  2. Hi I have just acquired the HTC HD7 as an upgrade to my previous HTC S710 running Windows 6.5. Well what can I say? The phone’s fine a good size for portly fingers. Well that’s about it. On my ‘old’ 710 I had alternative Sat Nav’s loaded, a Genealogy programme, Handy Safe for storing info and it could sync straightforwardly to my PC’s and wife’s Nokia. OK so you can get around the non availability of its direct sync capability. However there doesn’t appear to be any available Sat Nav for WM7, the company who made the genealogy programme are holding back developing a WM7 version. So what security software is available? Kaspersky have yet to offer a WM7 version. I see there are a few apps for storing passwords etc but how reliable are they? In addition to acquiring some useful software along the lines of the above has anyone stumbled across any apps which would show whether you are roaming, wifi connected and what network connections/speed you have? TIA Morelli
  3. For the past month or so when I attempt to update the OS I get an error 80072ee7, "Connection to update server was not available. Check your data connections setting and ensure the device date and time are correct." Checked the net and there are similar instances but involving other providers. Anyone on Orange experiencing similar difficulties, or is it the phone or MS servers? TIA
  4. Foolishly charged the pre-assigned program menu option now I can’t change it back to the default. Any ideas please. Regards
  5. Is there any software, like TextAloud, which will work directly on the HTC710? Thanks
  6. I have both TomTom and Route66 installed. It’s a personal preference but I prefer the layout/options offered by Route66 yet the maps – certainly for Italy if you get off the main thoroughfares – are far more detailed on TomTom. Don’t go truffle hunting in Le March without TomTom ;-). I am off to Portugal and will see which offers the best options - for me anyway.
  7. I have been running TomTom Mobile 5.2 (4450) with two maps quite happily for some months now. I decided to install an update of one maps ‘manually’. But first I used TomTom’s utility, ttmupd520.exe, to make a backup of the phone’s memory to the PC. :o The install of the map didn’t go as planned so I decided to delete all the TomTom folders from the phone and rely on restoring the backup. Needless to say that didn’t go as planned either (anyone had problems using TomTom’s utility to restore a backup?). So I wiped the memory card and copied back the files etc. from the backup to the memory card. :D The problem is that that TomTom backup utility only backs up the files on the memory card and not the TomTom folder from the phones internal memory. :( Could I ask for details of the file structure from your phones memory to see if I can replicate it. Thanks in anticipation Morelli
  8. I have a “car kit screen dash holder for HTC710/ E650” -http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330234647525 – which has a built in amplified speaker. When I use the phone with SatNav there is a noticeable build up of “feedback” when the volume is switched 'on' within either TomTom or Route66. Any ideas as to how I can have the volume 'on' without the feedback? Morelli
  9. I occasionally use the Wi Fi option but currently have no 'security' other than that on my wireless modem/router. I have searched the posts but can’t find any posts detailing which firewalls or anti virus packages are available, or being used, for the E650. Any recommendation?
  10. I have now tried the 3489 build and whilst it works it is very slow and temperamental (freezes in search mode) which on occasions leaves a reboot the only option to close it. That said I like the menu and graphics above TomTom Mobile. I will check to see how well, or otherwise, it works with the Italian map.
  11. Here are the details from my Orange E650 purchased end of October '07 which has not been updated: CE OS 5.2.1236 (build 17741.0.2.1) Radio Version RIL version 2.002 It seems to be running without any noticable problems so I guess this version of the ROM works OK. Do I take it that any ROM updates would equally apply to both HTC 710 and the E650? Would I be able to safely run the debranding tweak?
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'll rule out Route66 then. I currently have an old version of TomTom Mobile 5.2 and was looking to get something a little more up to date but seem to recall reading somewhere that certain Sat Nav software will not run on the E650 because of the 'slow' processor. Do you know if CoPilot will run on the E650?
  13. What MAC settings do you have on your router? If you have enabled MAC address filtering you will need to include your phone.
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