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  1. Wavelabs

    Q9h as a Modem

    Humm, I wonder if Jasoninaz is ever going to post the solution he said he was going to post. It is now March 22nd. 2008, and he posted that he was going to post a solution on Febuary 4th, 2008. So basically, don't hold your breath for the answer..... ehh. *shaking my head in a disappointed manner* :D
  2. Internet Connection Sharing with Q9h AT&T on VISTA x64-bit. I am having a problem with this. I am running Windows Vista Ultimate x64 bit with (SP1) on a brand new computer system, that is only about 1 week old, and there is NO other problems with the system. this is my system: AMD Phenom 64bit 9600 - Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe WIFI AM2+ - ATI Radeon HD-3870x2 (x2) - Vista Ultimate 64bit (SP1) Kingston HyperX-DDR2 2gig x4 (8gig Ram) - WD SATA Raptor-X 150-gig (x4) - Creative SB X-Fi Xtreme Fatality Platinum Antec P182 Advanced Super Mid Tower ATX case - LiteOn-SATA DVD-RW Drives (x2) - Vantec - MRK-250ST (x2) My Cell Phone is a of c:ourse: Motorola Q9h (Cingular / AT&T) - with windows mobile v6.0 The phone has Microsoft ActiveSync v4.5 Symtoms and Errors (problems I am having): The operating system has (Windows Mobile Device Center v6.1) I turn on ( Internet Connection Sharing ) "ICS" on the cell phone and it is connected via USB, to the computer that is running Vista Ultimate x64 bit. Each and every time without fail, My cell phone Re-Starts (Reboots) on it's own, Only when connected to the Vista computer. I have no problems with Microsoft Windows-XP SP3 and using this same "ICS" connection. In fact this is how I am NOW currently writing this post at the current time. So I know there is no problems with my Mobile Device, Since I am currently connected, and writing this post you are reading at the moment. Vista Ultimate x64 bit computer, on the other hand would not let me connect to the internet as well as Vista computer shuts off ( Self Reboot) my cell phone, without my authorization or approval. I have gone to Microsoft website to update ANY and ALL updates for Windows Vista Ultimate x64 bit. I am also running Vista x64 bit (Service Pack 1) within the operating system, released on March 1st 2008. If someone has a solution to fix this problem, please help. as I have been trying to fix this problem for over 1 week now without any success. thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Best Regards Wavelabs
  3. Wavelabs

    Motorola Q Review

    My Review For The - Motorola Q9h Global I own the Q9h so far for about 1 week. There are some things I love about the Q9h and some things I really really really hate out it. Most Liked: 1 - Amazing Softwares you can install in this device. - The ability to install great softwares of many kinds. 2 - Sharpness of the screen resolution 3 - Screen brightness, that can also be controlled in systems control panel. 4 - Stereo speakers and sound quality of the speakers - Just awesome, best I have heard yet on any mobile device. 5 - Clarity of the sounds and ring tones and Alarm and phone sounds. 6 - Ease of use of the mobile device. - I took this device out of the box, and started using it right away, with very easy learning curve. 7 - Formfitting of the device unit., easy on the hand and handling. A little on the slippery side and should of had some sort of gripping material to the device to better handle and grip the device, condensation of the hands is easily transferred to the device, hindering is possible to actually drop the device. 8 - Durability of some sorts, I have dropped the device several times on concrete and hard flooring and the device still was working and nothing broke or mis-aligned 9 - Great 4 band receiver and radio frequencies handler. 10 - GPS Radio - (Hardware GPS not included) 11 - Battery Life - AWESOME, I have charged this phone for 2 hours which is the total time its takes to fully charge, because it does not over charge, once the charge is complete, it will no longer continue to charge. Which is an AWESOME feature on a phone or any device for that matter. I have charged this phone on a monday morning at 6-am, and when I leave the house at 8-am its fully charged, I use it all day - Emailing, Talking, Hearing Music, and doing other tasks, when I get home at 10-pm, I only lose 1 to 2 bars, depending on what I did that day, I never have complely depleted the battery on this phone yet. - And I use the BT-90 battery all the time. I need to get another one for the (Just in Case) I stay out on a Friday after work. I would have another BT-90 standing by - just change the battery and I would be good for another 12 hours. 12 - Reception of cell phone, is just AWESOME, I have yet to experience a dropped call or static sound on my phone. the quality of the speak and voice and head set is just GREAT and Awesome..... very extremely clear. I have gone to the basement of my house which is undergrand in almost pure concrete and no windows and I still talk on my phone. No loss of quality or receptions at all. - in basement I still get 4 bars strong of signal. I have traveled in the trains in the city and been talking while in the tunnels with no dropped calls at all. - That shocked me and my friends. One of the MAIN reasons why I love this phone. Most Hated: 1 - Screen should of been bigger by taking out that Grey square design from around the screen and expanding the screen to full out the rest. 2 - The keyboard - if you look and feel it carefully you realize that the TOPS of the keyboard keys are rounded tops. Motorola should of made these keys more on the flat side and made it more rubbery like (hard rubber) so it does not feel like slippery plastic keys. If your like me always typing away messaging people and writing emails and notes and stuff, your fingers get this condensation and moisture that transfers to the keyboard buttons. This is why you always see people wiping their fingers and hands on their pants or jackets or shirts. Its for this exact reason, and the reason why the choice made by Motorola was a bad one in regards to the creation of the keyboard keys. As far as the size, they are great its the material used thats the problem. 3 - There is NO keyboard lock on the device either on the device itself or a software on the Home Screen (desktop). Why they chosen not to place one, is beyond me, but this is a HUGE screw up on behalf of Motorola and Microsoft Companies and the lack of experienced programmers and fabricators of the device in their companies. Many times I have put the Device in my Jacket pocket and several hours later, I am to find out it has dialed out some where. some place and some one......lol - Lucky I have Unlimited Data Plan. Also, It has self changed its window location and not stay on the Home Page of the System. This is the most anoying thing ever. Goes to show that Apple is really smarter than Motorola. 4 - No Wi-Fi on most and many devices, which should of came as a default within ALL the devices, whether the company AT&T wanted it or not. Users should have full usage of a device that was made by the manufacturer. users have legally purchased these devices so they should have ALL the features the manufacturers intended the device for, and AT&T should not have any say so as to any hardware being shut off or taken out, just because they want to make money off of a particular hardware device feature. Shame on Motorola for taking the WiFi out when demanded by AT&T. AT&T does not make the product they do not have any right nor they are in charge of who can use a particular feature of a hardware device within it and who can not. - Ill will stop at this point because I can go all day on just this factor alone. 5 - NO Screen saver, users in order to get screen saver have to rely on 3rd party software and be aware of the trust they have to give on their 3rd party creators of these software for their devices. - Thats like trusting someone with your credit cards, cash, daughter, wife and car. I would not think anyone would trust that easy, but seems they have no choice if they want these features within their devices, because Microsoft did not install them or have a MODPack available on their website for FREE for users who purchase the devices and have contracted services with their Cell Phone access providers. 6 - The lack of Internal Storage is horrifying., only a miserable 132-megabites, and the strange this is the retail box says 240mb. something is wrong here. With this day in age the internal memory should of been at least 1 gig. This is a MAJOR screw up by Motorola, knowing that 99.9% of the population are currently MOBILE !!! People do just about anything and everything in their daily lives within their devices, so why deprive them from its proper storage capacity that should of been at least 1 gig minimum. If Motorola where as smart as they say they are, they should of used MicroSD Cards and placed them Internally. Placing 4 MicroSD Chips within the device, should of at least given the user of the device at least 32-gigs of internal storage capacity. If my math serves me correct 4 x 8 equals 32. These MicroSD cards are very tiny in size, so fitting them within the device would of been no problems. You can barely hold on to one in your hand, most of the time dropping them because they are so tiny., so form fitting them would of been easy. (But looks like they did not think outside the box) or tords the future usage of the phone for expansion or longevity. But in fact they thought in the box, which made them very limited. This is why we are all stuck in the stone age. - businesses say we are not ready for real futuristic devices, so we get held back, and only given small amounts at a time. - You would be surprised what NASA has already built and created. Ok, moving along.................. 7 - The Ram memory should of been more as well, with only a HORRIIFYING & SHOCKING ( 66.1-mb ) of RAM (Random Access Memory)., this has become the most shocking thing of all., with a device that is suppose to be a Smartphone Device, it looks like its not as Smart as we thought, or should I say as smart as its manufacturers. This as well should of been at least 500-mb minimum NOT 66.1-mb. 8 - Actual Windows Mobile v6 should of came shipped in the box with the device on a CD or on a MicroSD Bootable Self Installable Card. So if users by mistake brick their phone or get the DOS Boot Screen Of Death, placing this MicroSD Bootable Self Installable Card in its slot and booting up the device would restore and re-install the operating system back within the device, giving the user full control of the device. And the users should of been given the oportunity to upgrade to Professional version from WM v6 Standard version by purchasing another MicroSD Self Bootable Installable Card with the Professional version of Windows Mobile v6. As my sources informs me, and showed me on a device that is a Q phone with a WMv6 Professional installed, many features are completely ripped out of the Standard Edition of the WM v6. In the Professional version, More choices are given geared tords File Sharing, Networking, Content management, Extensive applications for media, Blue Tooth expanded features, Control panel features, Desktop skinning features, expended data information of device in System application, Wi-Fi, Laptop and external devices connectivity and expanded features, Gaming and Screen Savers, Ringtones and Sounds, Backround colorizations of all windows and panels and much much more. Which makes me wonder about something - I might be reaching, But again its just a thought. ALL those users uncluding myself, who can not operate WiFi hardware in our devices. What (IF) we installed the Professional verison of Windows Mobile v6.0 into our Q devices, Would this bring out the WiFi we are ALL so desperately looking for ? Will the Professional Edition unlock the Device WiFi Hardware ? Something to think about......... Things we will now ALL see in the new Windows Mobile v7.0 as Microsoft will only make one form factor of its Windows Mobile v7 for ALL their Windows Mobile Smartphone devices. but as far as the Hardware Wi-Fi being activated, I have no clue. NO ONE - has proof or know for a fact that ALL Q9h have been disected from the Wi-Fi hardware. because if they did, its would of been pictured all over the web, as like they did with iphone. So unless you have proof of otherwise, don't says its not there............ ok moving along......... 9 - The device battery and back of unit gets REALLY hot when using device for Internet connectivity and listening to Internet radio stations. Why this happens I have no clue, but I wish this never happens, but it does, so this is why it made the Most Hated List. Matbe the processor is over working when using the device for Internet connectivity and Internet radio. Which brings me to the most HATED THING OF ALL and the next on the list. 10 - The processor....... Well lets think about this for a bit. - Processor: ARM1136-OMAP2420 (384 mhz speed). This processor to me, I say again, to me.... is way to slow, specially when its for a Windows operating system. Knowing anything from Microsoft is bloated and hinders the system from properly operating at its best, having a mediocre (how ever you spell it) processor makes it even worse. Why did Motorola allow this installation of this very slow processor within their unit I have no clue. If Apple can form fit a (Intel Core Duo 3.8-Ghz) in their latest MacBook Air, Which only measure's (8cm x 8cm x 1.5cm) And was shown when given to Apple president on Stage when he presented the new MacBook Air. Question is: Why we are using processors that where made in the 80's for a Smartphone device made in 2007.??? See what I mean when I say they are holding us back from futuristic devices and technologies ? The technologies are out there, already made. We just wont get it soon enough. Why the Motorola Q9h, does not have a higher processor such as (at least at the minimum of) a 1.5 Ghz Processor. Specially for a device that is suppose to be a SmartPhone with a Operating System inside of it. With the abilities of working with Office software, Video, Music and many others. If you install a descent amount of softwares needed to run on your daily routine and life style, this current 384 Mhz processor is just really not cutting it. 11 - The browser Opera - OMG.... Ill say it again OMG..... I REALLY HATE THIS THING SO MUCH.... its actually one of the major reasons why I am always thinking about the Iphone and Itouch every day. why they put this horrifying browser in this device is beyond me. In this device Internet Explorer is the best for viewing the internet. even though it has its flaws as well. but for a device that has nothing but really bad broswers you have to make a choice between Opera or Explorer, So in this case, Explerer wins all the way. Also, there is a browser called (IRIS BROWSER) by a company called - Torch Mobile Inc. torchmobile.com [email protected] 1-416-961-2900 A open source browser that has already hit the internet with v1.0.4 This browser lets you scroll left and right in a webpage, unlike OPERA or IE. Viewing the internet with IRIS BROWSER is just like viewing the browser on your desktop. even though this browser has many glitches and defects., its a solution for most until either they fix the problems or Firefox and SkyFire comes out and a whole new battle field starts to happen against all mobile browsers for smartphone devices out now and in the future competing for greatness on a mobile device.. But here is some great news, Firefox is soon to come out with its version of its broswer for smartphones. stay tuned to firefox for more details in the near future. Also, a new commer in the field of browsing is (SKYFIRE). they promise that you will be able to view the internet as its suppose to be seen. Skyfire claims they will be able to support - Flash, CSS, JAVA, AJAX, XML, HTML, XHTML, SSL and many others. So viewing the net with SkyFire should be a complete enjoyment. They also claim you will be able to view the net just like viewing it on your desktop computers. So we are all waiting what this new commer browser company has in store for its genenral population of users of smartphones. Conclusion: For a Motorola device, its the best one out there yet. But if I had to compair it to Apple's Iphone or Itouch., sorry APPLE WINS...... For a smartphone that has windows operating system in it, its really good., I am happy with it, and play with it all the time.., but does my mind wonders about thinking of the Iphone or Itouch, yes all the time. :)
  4. Wavelabs

    motorola Q

    Can someone just make an simple installer that will avoid all these seperate files getting and placing ? Also, please define weither this method is for Q9h, HTC, Smartphone2000, Smartphone2003, Kraiser so on and so forth. as many applications are not compatible with other phones, and WILL RESULT in the phone getting stuck at Boot up and people would have to Hard Reset their phones again. and start everything from scratch. It is the responsibility of the poster to post what EXACT phones the software they are posting is compatible with. I want to play games on my phone too, but NOT at the expense of having my phone Bricked or BootStuck. thanks :)
  5. Wavelabs

    motorola Q stuck at bootloader

    Same thing happend to me, I was installing a small plugin called SRS WOW plugin. and it totally fried my phone, bricked the hell out of it. Lucky when I went to AT&T they where nice enough to give me a brand new phone, because all their refurbished phones , they where out of. they said too many customers came in that week with Briked phones, So they gave me a new one. So there is another Word of Advice, be very careful what you install. Motorola contacted AT&T back and said that a program I installed wrote code in the main System OS or Hardware I don't remember and crapped it out. Thats what AT&T told me when they called me about a week later about it. as I still had a ticket number they forgot to close out.....lol
  6. Wavelabs

    SDHC support with Q9H?

    This is really good to know, because AT&T said to me 8 days ago that I can only insert a 3gig microSD card in the phone and if I place a larger microSD card in the phone , I would void the warrentee on it. I don't believe them anyways, because I know they just want to tie people down. Now I know :) And as soon as I get the Q9H phone I will try a 8gig SD card.
  7. ok that sets things on a little more perspective now, The darn Arse from Verizon told me that Q9m was GSM, now I know the truth from you - Thanks :) I am thinking about getting the Q9H, because on NewEgg they have it for 99 dollars for first time activation. As far as TeleNAV - I have something for everyone, that I found just now. go here to download this little application. http://www.smart2go.com/en/download - new navigation software for the Q. "That takes care of the TeleNAV" As far as the Unlimited Data Plan, AT&T charges 30 to 39 dollars for that. Can the Q9H have its WiFi connected or is there NO wifi hardware at all in the device. I am asking because I don't know, sorry for being naive on GSM phones :D Also, thanks for the welcome and being nice :D
  8. Ok, I am NEW here, and I already am so darn confused, because I am reading about Q9H and then people with blackjacks. So my mind is completely blown to shitz already. This forum is NOT in order and everything is just scattered. Why there is no sections for each phone.??? Example: SMARTPHONE:/ -------Q9h -------BJ2 -------Q9m -------T-Mobile etc, etc, etc..... This way people go into their own phone sections and discuss nothing but that particular phone within that Sub-Forum. - I have Moderated and even Administrated some really heavy forums, So I know a thing or 2 about forums, PHP, MySQL and all that crap...... And I build Flash, CSS, RSS and Static websites and forums. This is from a new person on this particular forum here. - and this is what I see..... I hope this can be implemented, to make it easier for mobile users to go to where they need to about their phones. And there is no LOBBY either, OK, With That Out Of The Way......!!!! This is the reason why I came here for. Here is the deal, I am debating between the Q9H and the Q9M. Because the Q9M is Wi-Fi capable - even though its only for Verizon-Wireless Only - and I want AT&T, but I hate the way it looks too with the square button, because I like the Razor look better, but love the RED color. and Because the Q9H looks better and looks like an actual Razor phone in blue and has the GPS capabilities as the Q9M does not. Also, I don't want to get the iPhone just yet, because I am waiting for the company to come out with the 160 gig version of the Iphone. I called AT&T and even went to the store itself. I was informed that in order for me to use the extra feature on the iPhone for GPS and AIm messaging, ALL I had to do was pay an extra 30 dollars per month on top of my billing plan of 59.99 and I would be able to use everything unlimitedly...... But the thing is the damn thing can not save to microSD. - And DON'T FORGET the 499.00 cost of the phone itself.!! And if I want to save anything, I always have to connect it to the computer. Because it does not have Bluetooth, it only had Wi-Fi, by what I was told by the Sales Person at AT&T. So this is why I am debating between ALL 3 of these phones. AT&T also informed me of the cost of the Q9H which is 99 dollars when subscribed to AT&T. But this is why I am also here..... Because I DON'T want to pay 50.00 for Unlimited TeleNAV, and another 50.00 Dollars for Unlimited DATA usage, and another 30 Dollars for unlimited Messaging. ON TOP of my Monthly payment plan of 59.99....... THATS JUST CRAZY.... that comes out to be, almost 200 dollars per month for the services and additions just to use the darn phone.... So this is why I am really confused, one phone has one feature while the other one does not so on and so forth. :: My girlfriend tells me, that I should just get any phone, and just purchase the ASUS-G2S Laptop and use that for internet and Wifi and messaging and AIM and emails and everything else I want to use. And use the phone just for phone..... See what I mean, I am so confused, because I want a Good phone that I can have for several years and enjoy, but not be left behind in technology either or become outdated. I want to purchase a Phone within the next few days........ And I am also purchasing an actual 160gig-iPOD, this is why the debate comes about the iphone too. and the reason why I am debating on waiting for the new 160gig-Iphone. I am also wondering if MOTOROLA is coming out with a newer version of Q9H that would have WI-FI adapted to it. If I purchase the Q9H, what options do I have ????? Can the Q9M be unlocked to use with AT&T, so I would have Wi-FI since it comes WI-FI ready ????? Which one is better - Q9H - or - Q9M ????? I want to Talk on phone, AIM my friends, send pictures, videos, files and music to friends, I want to email friends and surf the net and also have GPS. What do I do ????

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